If We Only Had More Like Her: Happy Birthday to a Great Sister

It’s the Summer Solstice, the beginning of a long, hot summer here in Las Vegas. It’s the start of an ugly political battle to determine the fate of healthcare and social programs for many years to come. It’s also my sister’s birthday. She’s a person who embodies what Americans should value: hard work, compassion and ethics. She’s successful, but did not exploit others to get to this elevated echelon. She’s someone with empathy for her fellow man and animals alike.

My sister and I

She derived her inspiration from our mother, a business owner whose positive contributions to the lives of children have been felt for over twenty years. Our mother started a business for us in 1977. (See my post from May 11) My sister, just 15 years later, with a little start up help from mom, has done the same. Except in her case, she has produced an Olympian and World Champion gymnast and countless scholarshipped athletes who enjoyed a free college education. Her eldest daughter will be attending Stanford University on a full-ride scholarship this Fall. Her program donates time and money to helping homeless and abused women and donates time to helping so many autistic children learn more about fitness. Gymcats is a great part of the community which helps build character, confidence and fitness.

Awesome as she is professionally, it’s not all that defines her. A friend to animals, she found their unnecessary slaughtering to be too abhorrent and made a commitment to eating a vegetarian diet. As boring as it is to eat with her, I respect her decision immensely. She has also found a place in her heart and her home for two young boys her and her husband have adopted from Uganda. She has raised two beautiful, charismatic daughters who are equally talented and always provide sufficient stress to keep her grounded.


If you really want to know what kind of person she is, just look at what she supports in the political sphere. She wants equality for all, no death penalty, folks with higher incomes (including herself) having more responsibility to keeping social programs viable with a fair tax code, universal healthcare and ethical conduct for all politicians. She campaigns tirelessly, volunteering for candidates she feels embody these principles. Nevada is very grateful for her work! A staunch political aficionado, she records shows like Up with Chris Hayes to learn from people she knows are intelligent and compassionate, like her.

She is always looking for a better way to do things, always the mediator for problems with the many people in her life. Simply ask any of her employees or students. She’s a terrific boss, coach, administrator, activist and mom. She’s also a great sister and I love her very much. Happy birthday Cassie!!

(with my baby)

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