This Idiot Finally Says Out Loud What the GOP Thinks: We Hate the Poor

It was the most astonishing thing I’ve heard on TV in a while. The reporter teased, ‘a GOP Wisconsin Senate candidate says he’s tired of hearing sob stories about the poor.’ I had to rewind it, as I never thought anyone would actually say that out loud.

The ever-so-compassionate Eric Hovde. Poor guy is tired of hearing poor people sob stories.

Immediately, I had to search on-line for this because I thought Paul Ryan and Scott Walker had a pretty good lock on complete lack of empathy for their fellow humans in Wisconsin. But this guy? This guy is my new favorite villain. He just said it. I’m sick of the press covering sob stories about the poor. If you’d like to watch the video, click here and fast forward to around 12:30 and watch it to the end. Remember Madison, February 2011? Workers leading the charge in protest of injustice. A beautiful site for Democracy and fairness. Now we get a glimpse of this guy. Very strange.

At the same time, I find it pretty awesome how a group of Catholic Nuns are on a nine state bus tour to protest the Ryan Budget. Yesterday, they just happened to arrive in the land of cheese and misanthropy, Wisconsin. These fourteen Catholic women see the evil inherent in the cuts Paul Ryan has proposed and the GOP Teabagging House passed. The fact the budget gives more tax cuts to the ridiculously rich while drastically cutting aid to poor people is an ethical and moral issue. The nuns are absolutely correct. I wish them all the best in exposing these frauds.

The teachings of Jesus state you will ultimately be judged by how you treat the poor in your society. Obviously the GOP has no concerns for their “heavenly” fate. Perhaps they are not Christians after all. Maybe they are Agnostics or Atheists, but that would be a serious insult to us Atheists. We actually care about other people because we are not empathetic largely for some supernatural otherworldly reward. We live in the here and now. Perhaps these assholes on the GOP side should too.

4 thoughts on “This Idiot Finally Says Out Loud What the GOP Thinks: We Hate the Poor

  1. The nuns began their tour at my parish last week here in Des Moines. The sister made reference to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The CBO says Mr. Obama’s proposed spending increases are “unsustainable.” Even more, they warn that the president’s approach increases the probability of a sudden fiscal crisis. Mr. Obama’s budget jeopardizes our nation’s safety net. As things stand now, our nations spends over $23,000 PER person living under the poverty level at the federal, state, and local level. I come up with a different analysis of Mr. Ryan’s budget than the sisters. His is bold, compassionate, and most importantly: sustainable. Conservatives care very much about moving the poor from dependence to independence. We just have a different approach.

    1. Seriously? You’re against spending a measly $23,000 per person but you’re cool with Jamie Dimon taking home $23 million after losing $7 billion? People like you are justifying the actions of these evil sons of bitches. You are the reason this nation is quickly going down the plutocratic gold plated toilet. Puhleeeze!!!!

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