The GOP Believes Women Can’t Be Trusted With Their Own Bodies

By now, you’ve probably heard about the GOP lunacy in the Michigan Legislature this last week, where two female legislators were barred from speaking for using the term “vagina “ on the floor. These Republicans believe women are not qualified to speak of their own reproductive health and shouldn’t use icky words like “vagina”. It’s too offensive to men who feel they should control women’s bodies, because they know best.

20120619-081759.jpgLisa Brown of the Michigan House

Michigan isn’t alone. There are many other states who are just as insane in their pursuit of silencing women and restricting their rights. Check out this State-By-State Guide to 2012’s Anti-Choice Laws (So Far) . It’s a fantastic summary of all the insanity.

The VAWA or Violence Against Women Act has been vetoed by House GOP. Some of the repercussions of this are leaving women who depend on their husbands for citizenship status are no longer allowed to report domestic abuse secretly. They have a choice: either take the abuse or get deported. How philanthropic! This especially affects mail order brides. Women on Indian Reservations are also left in a very dangerous and vulnerable position as the GOP moronic version of the bill leaves these women unprotected.

There’s also a campaign to limit the rights of women in the military to report abuse. It’s been said only 13% of all rapes in the military are reported . But if a female soldier is raped and seeks an abortion, it becomes very tricky. Here’s the basic premise: Under current law, if a State Department employee is raped, her government health insurance plan will pay for an abortion if she wants one. But if an Army medic serving in Afghanistan is raped and becomes pregnant, she can’t use her military health plan to pay for an abortion. If she does decide to get an abortion, she will have to pay for it with her own money. And if she can’t prove she was raped—which is difficult before an investigation is completed—she may have to look for services off base, which can be dangerous or impossible in many parts of the world. (source: Mother Jones). John Boehner and his band of merry obstructionist assholes are blocking the bill to help female soldiers who have suffered this horrific fate.

In summary, these largely white, male Republicans feel it is acceptable for women to be raped and beaten with little consequence. She should definitely not be trusted to do what’s best for her own reproductive health. That’s obvious. I think they feel women are objects to be treated as pets. Pets don’t demand equal rights. They simply accept their fate, as they don’t know any better. Except this time, GOP monsters, the women will not be silenced at the voting booths. Of course, that’s provided these men don’t rig the elections. More on that later.

Just recently learned a Senator, yes of course he’s a Republican, has proposed a bill to DENY Medicaid women delivering babies use of epidurals. Sen. Daniel Liljenquist wants to disallow women from obtaining an epidural. This was proposed in August, 2010, but no decision has been made on the issue. How nauseating. How about, Senator, no anesthesia for your badly need vasectomy as the world doesn’t need any more Liljenquists running around!

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