Has America Gone Mad? A Canadian Perspective (Guest Blog)


Many people say Canadians and Americans are so much alike. And you would be right. If you put a Canadian and American beside each other, you probably wouldn’t see a difference between the two. But socially, the two are completely different. While America is still debating same-sex marriage and abortion, Canadians are debating how much we should raise the healthcare budget to serve the people properly.

Many conservatives in the USA claim the economy is the most important issue for the 2012 election, all while they ban women from speaking in state legislature for saying the word “vagina”, create petitions to overturn marriage equality in some states, and create legislation to restrict abortion and contraceptives. Also, elected representatives in the House and Senate are deliberately going on “vacations” so they have a reason to not pass proper jobs plan proposed by President Obama so it won’t give him a “win”. After the 2010 midterm elections, Republican Mitch McConnell even said himself that the first priority for the GOP is to stop President Obama from getting a second term, even if it means throwing the middle class under the bus. All the while up here in Canada, the Conservative Party has a majority government, which means they can do whatever they want. They could gut the Civil Marriage Act, but they won’t. Prime Minister Harper even said himself that he would not pursue criminalization of abortion.

20120616-222031.jpgMitch McConnell and President Obama

Canadians and Americans may speak the same way (with the exception of eh) wear the same clothes and shop at the same stores, but our countries could not be any more socially different. (and I think Canada is winning)

Written by Kyle Allen, age 15 from Kapuskasing, Ontario Canada Follow him on Twitter @KyleAllen1997


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