Letting Children Die for Religious Beliefs

What science books will look like soon if the Fundamentalists take over

Don’t let the title fool you. I’m not talking about kids in the crossfires of some holy war between Christians and Jews or Shi’ites and Sunnis. I’m talking about American parents letting their child die needlessly because their beliefs prohibit scientific intervention. I’m talking about unfathomable idiocy, by ignominious zealots that have caused avoidable tragedies.

If you knew how to swim and your child did not, and he or she is drowning, you refuse to jump in and easily save the child, should you be charged with manslaughter? As a parent, I’d say unequivocally YES! Read this account of a child with a simple appendicitis who suffered and died because their parents tried to pray it better. The seventeen year old boy had no medical care and died without any painkillers. The parents were ACQUITTED but now must simply call Child Protective Services if another of their children get sick. Way to go prayer! Parents who believe in mythical, fantastical bullshit over science ought to be relieved of their parental duty. There have been many awful accounts of children dying due to non-intervention because of religion and seldom does a parent receive any real punitive repercussions.

A controversy brews over vaccinations, proven to save billions of lives

Next we move on to another group of anti-science idiots, the “I won’t vaccinate my kids” imbeciles. Lately we’ve had to endure the faux controversy of vaccines causing autism, which has been proven categorically false. Then there are those that choose not to vaccinate via their religious convictions. A conviction by a court of law is really what they need.

Take Massachusetts for example. Between 1996 and 2006 the rate of those seeking exemptions has more than doubled – from 0.24 percent, or 210, in 1996 to 0.60 percent, or 474, in 2006. Funny, who was governor in 2006, at the height of religious exemptions? Governor LDS Bishop Willard Romney, the man who recently failed to correctly identify a doughnut. Perhaps that was unrelated to my point, but funny nonetheless.

Horrid diseases that were eradicated are making a comeback. There are roughly eight afflictions coming back in alarming numbers, some due to lack of vaccinations en masse and others due to lack of, say sex education. Sex ed, another “taboo” subject for the fundamentalist psychos.

There’s a point where religion should stay the hell out of science and medicine. It is where it prevents the application of tried and true medical practices. Period. Anyone violating scientific law based on their “beliefs” is a detriment to society and their voice and vote should be relinquished.

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