Let the Motherf*#ker Burn! Love, Mitt and the RGA

As usual, windbag and/or “the Drugster” (as Ed Schultz refers to him) Rush Limbaugh went on a rant claiming teachers, policemen and firefighters are public sector jobs that literally do nothing for the economy as a whole. He claims, erroneously, these occupations do not benefit the economy one iota, as they are paid by taxpayers. He forgets without employment, these workers would require government assistance that would hinder rather than help the economy.

President Obama, with the destructive agenda of the RGA, has shed millions of public sector jobs which are, apparently, unimportant. Meanwhile, private sector jobs are way up from the levels of growth under President Bush. (see chart below) We’ll never hear the positives about job growth, nor will the RGA take blame for their actions. The GOP pimps their overall unemployment figures, leaving out the fact they are the main reason it’s somewhat stagnant.. Read more on the treasonous and insidious plot formed on January 20, 2009 to sabotage the economy by GOP leadership to make President Obama a one-term leader.

I’m perplexed by as hell by these Republicans, demonizing a very necessary part of society: educating and protecting our citizens. Contrary to these psychotic megalomaniacs on the Right, these jobs affect the unemployment rate and by gainfully employing citizens, we in fact STIMULATE AND GROW THE ECONOMY.

Public Sector and Private Sector Growth under Bush and Obama

The International Association of Firefighters union explains how Tea Party monsters like John Kasich (OH), Scott Walker (WI), Nikki Haley (SC) and Chris Christie (NJ) to name only a few, have decimated public sector jobs which have led to economic declines in each state. They’ve partnered with ALEC to give all these governors the necessary ammo to enact these destructive firing policies blaming pensions and health benefits (heaven forbid!) of public sector workers on budget shortfalls. They collectively fail to mention the billions of dollars in insane tax cuts they’ve given to the so-called job creators. If I hear that term in person from one of these clowns, get me a bucket. It makes me beyond nauseous.

The new de facto leader of the brigade of malevolence is this man, Willard Romney, now leading the charge against evil teachers, cops and the folks who pull burning babies out of buildings.


Recently he declared we don’t need any more firefighters, teachers or cops . Tell that to the parents whose kids have 40+ students in their overcrowded classrooms. Tell that to the person whose house burned down because the overextended fire department has been cut to ribbons.

Naturally, Fox News has tried to edit out these ridiculously callous comments made by candidate Willard, but to no avail. His feelings and those of the RGA, ALEC and the Teabaggers are well known to sensible Americans who value and treasure these important members of our society. There is no way to keep a healthy, functioning society with these heartless thugs running things. History has shown us that.

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