Thunder Owner Tells Seattle ‘You Can Suck My Balls’

Funny, but as a Sooner, you’d think I’d be thrilled an Oklahoma team is in the NBA Finals. This time however, my allegiance lies with the Miami Heat. Strange as it is, I have my reasons.

The Crowd, Always Organized at a Thunder Game

OKC Thunder is a team stolen from the beloved basketball city of Seattle. See Seattle Sonicsgate, a movie explaining this corporate welfare travesty.

You might think the Miami Heat are the bad guys. I did, I thought LeBron was wrong for leaving Cleveland. But he’s a basketball player, one who wants to win.


Lebron exercised his right to use his free agency to go where he thought he could accomplish this goal. He did nothing illegal and cost the taxpayers nothing. He rides his 10 speed to practice and has a great sense of humor playing a gold pants-wearing disco dancer on SNL’s Soul Train sketch. Truth is, I like Lebron. I also like the solidarity his team showed for Trayvon Martin with their hoodies, pictured here.

The Miami Heat’s Tribute to Trayvon Martin

The Sonics were lured to Oklahoma City because Seattle basically refused to place the burden of a new arena on taxpayers. Coupled with a need to increase Red State Appeal, David Stern along with Clay Bennett agreed on a deal that would leave Seattle without a team, after 40 years of proudly hosting the Supersonics.

The account of Bennett serving the former owners sheep’s testicles can be found in David Zirin’s great piece in The Nation, a publication with a plethora of great writers. I highly recommend you click on the aforementioned link. It simply shows The Thunder’s owners’ disdain for anyone who disagrees with corporate welfare at the public’s expense.

Essentially, rooting for the Thunder is a lot like rooting for the Tea Party. A fake “organic” grassroots group that was really masterminded by big corporate money designed to rob the public coffers. As when I rooted against the Celtics, owned by Bain Capital, it seems I have a hard time separating sports and politics. This NBA Finals will be no different.

Congrats to Miami by the way. Nice sportsmanship by the players. Well done Lebron and company.

16 thoughts on “Thunder Owner Tells Seattle ‘You Can Suck My Balls’

  1. OKC’s other owner, Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy (a leader in Fracking), has looted company money and resources to send his family on Carribean vacations and to work on his homes.
    Great group that you bought a stadium for, OKC. All you get is a trophy and some minimum wage jobs.

  2. I am aware of how the team got here, but you’re leaving out a lot of Oklahomans and Oklahoma City’s recent history in your profile. The MAPS program of intense urban renewal based on a modest sales tax began in part to lure an NHL team to OKC, because we knew we couldn’t get an NBA, NFL, or MLB team. (Two successive MAPS plans, one for schools, and the most recent focusing on urban green spaces, bike trails, and sidewalks to improve our city’s formerly dismal walkability have passed, all 3 on votes that were open to OKC’s voting-eligible citizens.) The NHL shot us down, but when we got the chance to host the Hornets when they couldn’t play in New Orleans, this town fell in love and rallied around them. Was everything Clay Bennett and Aubrey McClendon & Co did with the Sonics highly ethical and morally inscrutable? Serious duh. Of course not. To believe their actions generally are, you’d have to never read any press about the rest of their money making lives.

    I’m a liberal Democrat, I love it here in OKC, and I’ve watched this team grow together from guys who could barely string 3 plays together into one of the best basketball teams in America. I sport my independent, local artist made Thunder Swag with pride, go to games, watch from a bar or meet up with friends when I can’t afford tickets, and I live THUNDERED UP. In a word, “You can suck my balls.”

    1. You have the right to pick any team you choose. I was a Sooner athlete for 4 years. I thought I was for OKC, but learning this about their ownership has changed my mind. I am originally from New York so I prefer the Knicks, but that’s a ridiculous longshot, any year. Great for the team, great for the fans, but as far as corporate welfare goes, shitty for America.

      1. You most definitely did belittle the fans, with your vague racism implying comment about so much white in a red state. You also belie any okie roots you may have by acting like feeding someone calf fries or prairie oyster is some kind of snub. It’s just local food.

        You also implied that we’re all somehow either (possibly both!) members of some tea-thuglican or corporate ponzi scheme to do with the Thunder. Ask the Colts how moving worke out. Ask the Raiders. The Thunder are thriving here because the people of OKC waited a LONG time to have any team to rally behind. The Thunder ARE good guys. So their ownership are corporate climbers…unless you want to talk about the Packers, so are every other team ownership group in national league sports.

    2. Was everything Clay Bennett and Aubrey McClendon & Co did with the Sonics highly ethical and morally inscrutable? Serious duh.

      Are you serious? I think you’re glossing over how terrible Bennett, Aubrey, and Stern were/are because of your desire for an NBA team. Those sad little men lied, bought off, and misled an entire community. There’s a great documentary playing occasionally on CNBC, that set me straight, and disgusted me to my core. OKC has great players, but I hope Bennett never gets that trophy. That would be karma. Wasn’t it Aubrey who lost all his money in 2008 I know one of Bennett’s partners got his come-up-pins! (I don’t know how to spell the damn word)

      BTW: Va-Jay great blog, glad to see someone else acknowledge this theft, and manipulation of the public trust.

  3. I guess we are pretending the rest of the NBA’s teams are not owned by wealthy people that made their money in questionable ways? I guess the Miami Heat is just a good ‘ole mom and pop operation, right? Please!! Teams are bought and sold all the time and sometimes they move. As an ex-OKC resident I couldn’t be more proud of the Thunder. Big business tends to be dirty (a fact I would like to see changed), but… I don’t have to like the douchery involved in all professional sports to support a team. No more than I have to love high rents to love New York. đŸ˜‰

  4. Are we pretending the Miami Heat is just a good ‘ole mom and pop operation? PLEASE!! lol. Teams are bought and sold all the time and sometimes they move. And rich people are often greedy a-holes… but they tend to be the ones buying professional teams.

    1. I’m sure they have their shady aspects. However, the demonization of Lebron, Wade and Bosh for moving to a more winning situation shouldn’t be overshadowed by some false “organic” team that was really stolen from a city that didn’t want to get rid of their team. I’m sure now OKC is happy to have a team, but the point of my article was the dirty and creepy way it was done. David Zirin’s article explained how this is corporatism at its worst, and the people of Seattle had to pay the price for the greed of the owners.

      1. Corporatism in America is a problem that needs to change, regardless. I’ll stop demonizing Lebron, Wade, and Bosh for moving if you’ll stop demonizing the Thunder for moving. Deal? (jk) ;-P

      2. I’m not demonizing the team, just their owners. I had no problem with Kevin Durant. The acquisition of this team by OKC was extremely corporatist. Reminiscent of the teaparty Kochs. That was my point

  5. Wow, what unbridled stereotyping. Of course, the money and politics behind the team move are shady and greedy. If this is news to you, you’re the worst sports fan ever. But we, the OKC fans, have as much control over that as the Seattle fans did.

    What you see as homogeny in those white AND BLUE t-shirts is actually called community. The same community that pulled together during the OKC bombing. Yes, this state has rampant racism and homophobia, but if you think that’s the sole characteristic that defines us, you’re as closed-minded as you accuse us of being.

    And let’s talk about red states. Let’s talk about progress. Because since the Thunder came to this town, I’ve seen this city grow and expand and diversify. If there has ever been an event that could bring a purple hue to this state it’s having a city that’s being called the next Austin, Tx.

    I will stand next to anyone who criticizes the politics of the Thunder move but criticizing the Oklahoma fans for rallying behind their team Is just plain ignorant.

      1. Not when you claim that rooting for the Thunder is the same as rooting for the Tea Party and that our white tshirts are nods to racism. The point is that ownership has changed hands and it’s a done deal. The team is here now and we are supporting the players and supporting our city. If you have a problem with it, start writing letters to Bennett, not to the fans.

      2. I really don’t care enough about it to write Bennett. I just find Oklahoma, with EVERY SINGLE COUNTY going for McCain in ’08 deserving of some shit for being so damned red. I’m a Sooner alumnus, so I don’t entirely begrudge the state, but you must admit the Teaparty is strong there and its masters seem to rule the Thunder. I’m sure there are great fans. Not all where white hoods.

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