Religion in America: Influencing the Stupid

Here we go again. America preaches hate best through religion thanks to our good with god preachers. Our ever-loving, ever-accepting clergy seems to have a problem following the supposed teachings of Jesus. Here’s Pastor Jones’ latest effigy of our beloved President Obama. It was his classy, fundamentalist inspired response to the President’s endorsement of gay marriage.

Obama likeness outside Dove World Outreach Church in Florida
Pastor Terry Jones, Quran burner extraordinaire

In another tolerant-filled rant against homosexuality, North Carolina’s Pastor Charles Worley claimed homosexuals should be imprisoned and killed. Said church member Geneva Sims: He had every right to say what he said about putting them in a pen and giving them food. The Bible says they are worthy of death. He is preaching God’s word.” Crazy much, lady? The fact this woman is allowed to vote is terrifying.

Pastor Charles Worley

Religion is far more influential and predominant in the USA than it is in Europe. Especially as income inequality increases, so does the frequency of prayer. This is exactly the type of trend a presidential candidate, who has proclaimed his own identity is based on Mormonism, would benefit from. Willard Romney hopes as education is less valued (and defunded like crazy) and mystical fantasy becomes more mainstream, people find him more appealing.

The Book of Mitt



If you feel his faith isn’t going to influence his presidential decisions, you’re dead wrong. The Mormon Church has clearly shaped who Willard is, how he will act . Dozens of the candidate’s friends, fellow church members and relatives describe a man whose faith is his design for living. The church is by no means his only influence, and its impact cannot be fully untangled from that of his family, which is also steeped in Mormonism. But being a Latter-day Saint is “at the center of who he really is, if you scrape everything else off,” said Randy Sorensen, who worshiped with Mr. Romney in church.

He also believes (or believed previously) that there is no place in his Cabinet for a Muslim. Who knows if he’ll shake the Etch-a-Sketch on that previous proclamation.

If only a president didn’t have to believe in a sky daddy we could advance this society scientifically and ethically. I’m convinced religion is mainly used as a catalyst for hate and to discourage scientific progress. Perhaps I’m wrong, but looking at small-town American religious fundamentalists fills me with confidence I am right.

7 thoughts on “Religion in America: Influencing the Stupid

  1. May God pour continuous blessings upon you and your writings.
    Grow in Grace and Knowledge.

  2. Man, talk about your smear campaigns. I have no idea how you managed to connect Romney with religious intolerance but it’s staggering. Anyone dumb enough to believe that Obama’s sudden approval of same-sex marriage is genuine should be barred from voting. This was a political move with some damage control tossed in. Biden had already broadsided him a few days earlier with his approval of same-sex marriage. Let’s also not forget that the very next day, after Obama came “out of the closet” he was set to host a major fund raiser in Hollywood and then another one in NYC hosted by Ricky Martin. The plain and simple fact is that Obama used the homosexuals as a a cash cow and you all went right along for the ride. What a bunch of dupes.

    Oh, I also feel that for anyone liberal to take offense at the picture of Obama being hung in effigy is the height of hypocrisy when one considers the number of times we all saw effigies of Bush being BURNT!

    Unless you can point to a blogpost here condemning THOSE actions I’ll just consider the author of this blogpost to be a typically hypocritical douchebag.

    1. Are you insane? If anyone ever threatened or “burned” any image of W in THIS country, they would’ve been tortured by Cheney’s henchmen. Gimme a break with your holier than thou ‘Obama is the same as the Neocons’ bullshit. Romney and his cult of merry co-conspirators riding in on their white horse prophesy WILL BE the subject of many subsequent posts. You are free to refer to me as anything you wish. It will not deter me from exposing this fraud of a “leader”. In fact, it encourages me to delve deeper into the underworld of the Koch-whorian realm you deem normal. I’m sick of it, and I will no longer tolerate this traitorous neo-con garbage.

  3. Romney had been a Mormon bishop, he wasn’t just some regular entry-level believer. Why should I believe that only his private business experience had shaped him to be president, and but not his church-leading or draft-dodger experience?

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