Do We Need More Military Spending, Willard Romney?

Can you believe Willard Romney wants to increase military spending by $2.1 trillion?? The Roman Empire overextended itself militarily and that lead to its eventual demise. Can’t we learn from history? Not if history is no longer taught in our schools. Willard and his cronies want to defund and privatize it to the point where Americans won’t even be able to read this chart.


Remember, a vote for Willard is a vote to bankrupt America. He’ll embroil us in more wars. Don’t doubt this for a second. Obama2012!!

9 thoughts on “Do We Need More Military Spending, Willard Romney?

  1. Both the Democrats and Republicans have a long history of imperialism and militarism. That is a fact. If we want real change we need to get rid of both the established parties. If it’s bankruptcy via social programs or via war or both – that is exactly what we are getting with the current establishment. I remind you – the debt is still going up rapidly with Obama…

    1. There’s never been a time in history where great spending WASN’T needed to get us out of a recession. You know damn well the deficit is not the fault of President Obama.

      1. I wasn’t trying to imply it was, but his continued deficit spending is. Also, if you haven’t noticed we are still poking at the middle east. Wars with Syria, drone attacks in Pakistan, incidents in North Africa and Iran. We are out of Afghanistan and that’s great, but it would be a fallacy to say Obama is a saint who has stopped our imperialism.

        Also, don’t give me that keynesian economics “you have to spend money to get out of the recession” argument. There is a certain amount to truth to that, but to what end? How do you really think the US can pay back trillions of dollars, maintain social programs, the biggest military in the world, and this spending without maintaining war?

        None of these politicians intend for it to end…

      2. Trust me, I am no supporter of Romney. I would label myself a fiscal conservative/social progressive, but I could never support Romney. Between the two at least Obama has reduced military. I still think this country needs a stronger third party – the two party system is leaving a lot of people without options…

        I’m not totally displease with Obama and I certainly am not an Obama hater. Still – there’s a reason he can get so much money from “supporters”. Both presidents are an investment to the rich. It’s an oligarchy…

  2. At least the Roman empire did not have Mitt Romney and GWB. If these two had been in charge there, the empire would only have lasted for about 20 years.

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