Stop Your Solyndra Lies Romney!


Last week we saw the smug Willard Romney appear in front of now bankrupt Solyndra, touting it as a failure of the Obama Administration. Period. It was 100% President Obama’s fault, right? Hell no! Solyndra is allegedly to the Political Left what the Keystone XL Pipeline is to the Political Right. Except Solyndra never threatened to endanger natural resources and lives .

Perhaps Captain Flip-Flop may want to check a few FACTS:

1. The Solyndra deal is more than three years old, and started under the Bush administration, which tried to conditionally approve the loan right before Obama took office.

2. CLAIM: Email Saying Deal Was “NOT Ready For Prime Time” Was Warning About Financial Risk FACT: The Email Did Not Voice Any Concerns About Risk Of Loan

3. It’s often claimed that the Solyndra loan guarantee was “rushed through” by the Obama administration for political reasons. In fact, the Solyndra loan guarantee was a multi-year process that the Bush administration launched in 2007.

4. You have to read half the story to learn that the loan guarantee was made in 2009 and the audit was done in 2010 after market conditions had sharply worsened! The media never explains that the company itself raised $250 million from private investors after the supposedly devastating audit!

5. In October, 2011 car thief and richest man in Congress, Darrell Issa, hosted a breakfast fundraiser for Willard with a lobbyist from SOLYNDRA. Wonder what that’s all about?

6. The company’s backers included private investors who had diverse political interests. The loan comprised just 1.3 percent of the Department of Energy’s (DOE) overall loan portfolio. To date, Solyndra is the only loan that’s known to be troubled. The loans were guaranteed by $10 billion in a Congressional fund. This was not a colossal loss by the standards of any Bush Administration debacle! The taxpayers have sure suffered much more from Halliburton. Let’s talk about that, Willard!


Mitt Romney also had his own history of supporting green energy while severely conservative Governor of Massachusetts. He created a clean energy fund portfolio and was very enthusiastic about the industry, something he’s obviously against now. Of the six companies listed in the renewable energy fund, three are now bankrupt.

But he’s the business man. The master of the private sector. He critiques President Obama for his lack of private sector experience, as if politicians need that. Romney never mentions his stint as a politician, because frankly, he sucked pretty bad in the jobs department. Unlike Obama, Romney took office during an economic uptick. Massachusetts had a net job growth of 1.4 percent under Romney. However, that was far slower growth than the national average of 5.3 percent.

Romney is completely full of shit. Period. I wish he didn’t own the media so we could truly see how much of a liar this man is. But don’t hold your breath.

3 thoughts on “Stop Your Solyndra Lies Romney!

    1. Did you mean jealousy? What exactly am I envious of? I hate deception and fallacious information being passed off as truth, the people who practice this I simply find disgraceful. The Romney camp seems to delight in this. See Eric Fehrnstrom post.

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