No One Preaches Hate Better Than America’s Christian Right


Ku Klux Klan kids

There are good people in every walk of life. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus and any other mono or polytheistic group has their share of good people. But there are so many hate groups in this country which teach children to discriminate, ridicule and hate good and young. Christians, including Mormons, have taught their children they are superior to minorities and gays for ages. Obviously, the slavery and Jim Crow laws in our nation’s sordid past have shown our proclivity towards institutionalized discrimination and hate. The KKK has experienced an increase in membership since Obama was elected.


Christian Terrorist Groups like the KKK compare themselves to Jesus. The goals of the KKK included, from an early time on, an intent to “reestablish Protestant Christian values in America by any means possible,” and believe that “Jesus was the first Klansman. They used horrible violent techniques like lynching, tar and feathering and public hangings to further their barbaric evil objectives of white domination. Of course the Old Testament is filled with hateful Klan-like tenets such as slavery ownership, mass genocide (Deuteronomy 7:1-2), and death for homosexuality. However Jesus preached none of these things, allegedly (sorry, I’m a skeptic heathen).


Watch as this FOUR year old addresses his congregation. He sings ain’t no homo gonna get into heaven. Notice the thunderous cheers and applause? He has no idea what a homo is, but now he knows he’s supposed to hate them. We’ve all seen the Mormon Church’s position on the issue of homosexuality too.

Boyd Packer, LDS Preacher speaks of the evil espoused in the good book towards homosexuals. However, if their goal in life is to become more
like Christ, why, then, do we fixate so much of our attention on
condemning homosexuality, a subject that Christ did not address a single
time in his earthly ministry?
. Obviously the millions of dollars Willard Romney and his Mormon Church spent on passing Proposition 8 in California shows their utter disdain for homosexuals and their damned “rights.”


Another group, Focus on the Family, seems utterly obsessed with teaching their kids and teens to hate gays. The Day of Dialogue is a day where it’s ok for GLBT teens to be teased and taunted. It’s the answer to the teenagers’ noble desire to address gay awareness and tolerance with the National Day of Silence. Coincidentally, on April 19th (same day as the OKC terrorist attacks…) Focus on the (hateful) Family simultaneously planned their event. Their plan was to intimidate and harrass gay and lesbian youth. Is this what Jesus would do? Apparently many children are raised to think this way. Thankfully there are some good ones out there who recognize this as wrong. However, with the continued rise of the TeaParty and the religious right, it’s not likely hateful parents will stop teaching their kids to hate too, all in the name of Jesus.

4 thoughts on “No One Preaches Hate Better Than America’s Christian Right

  1. Coincidentally I wrote a similar post yesterday about the sources of hate speech. You might find it interesting.
    The Angry Right Wing Voter: Have We Gone Too Far? 2/2

    I am beginning to wonder if it is not time for people to start demanding an amendment banning hate speech. It might strike some people as absurd but even now, freedom of expression is not boundless. For example, we have libel and slander laws. Broadcasting- either from the radio or television OR from the pulpit- is especially dangerous because for many people, a pastor or a celebrity carries a air of authority.

    One other thing I’ve recently discovered is the link between the Catholic Church and fascism. When an American bishop equated Obama to Hitler, I started doing some research and learned how much the Church supported both Mussolini and the Nazis. I was shocked to learn that Hitler has begun as a religious crusader and NOT as an atheist as he is usually presented.
    Here is a link to that post too.

  2. Always amazes me, there are so many positive lessons to learn in the bible but many “Christians” tend to use it as a weapon to support their bitterness and hate. Bigots and homophobes will overlook countless lessons about love, compassion, and being a good neighbor, and will fight to the death over a single verse in Leviticus (for example)… In the end, I think the bible is like a mirror, there to reflect what is a person’s heart, for better or worse.

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