Scalia’s Fascist Roots Run Deep

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was appointed to the Supreme Court by President Reagan in 1986. He has spent twenty-five years on the bench thus far, ruling always in the direction of the Right. His views are considered almost fascist. In fact, he almost fits the definition of fascism. He is a strict Constitutionalist believing in strong Executive Branch powers. He’s against the Civil Rights Act and has said he would’ve sided with the dissenters in the 1896 Plessy vs Ferguson where legalized segregation was upheld. We are talking about a guy who just might have sided with the Confederate States in the Civil War as he firmly believes in states’ rights. Simply read his dissent to overturning Arizona’s SB 1070, a Draconian law on immigration enforcement. The majority rule said the law infringed on the federal government’s jurisdiction over immigration enforcement, even if the feds may, at times, have fumbled their role.

Scalia: Always Conservative

How did Antonin become the curmudgeon he has evolved into? Perhaps we need simply to look at his dad, Eugene Scalia. He had enormous influence on Justice Scalia. He sent his son to military school where they had to pledge allegiance to Mussolini, Alan Dershowitz has asserted. Scalia Sr. founded the American Fascist Party in 1934 only two years before Antonin was born. Apparently a 60 Minutes interview included extensive biographical information on Justice Scalia and his family, where they identify his father as “a professor of romance languages at Brooklyn College” and failed to disclose that he was a member of the American-Italian Fascist Party during Mussolini’s regime in the 1930s. He’s a man who is well in the tradition of Franco and Mussolini. He’s not an anti-Semite – there’s no bigotry or racism in him at all. But he is somebody who has these views which would have been very comfortable in fascist Italy or fascist Spain.

Cheney and Scalia: Hunting Buddies

Mr. Scalia went on an infamous hunting trip with Dick Cheney in 2004 to his vacation spot in Southern Louisiana. It seems Mr. Cheney’s trip raised growing questions about the propriety of a Supreme Court justice going on a hunt the same time Scalia was hearing a case involving the vice president. The case, which has to do with whether Cheney must reveal who serves on his energy task force. Further complicating the question: The host of the hunting trip is a prominent member of the energy industry. Of course, he did not recuse himself from the case and The Court ruled in Cheney’s favor.

In that same 60 Minutes interview, he told Leslie Stahl and the American people to “get over it” with regards to the legitimacy of the Bush v Gore decision. A puppet of the Bush administration and a staunch enemy of most democratic principles, it’s easy to see why. His father’s allegiances lie with people who were sympathetic with the ways of the Nazis, who basically believe that every function of government should be run by private corporations, that government should be strictly authoritarian, and that there should be no freedom for people within a country. They supported the Nazis in the lead up to World War II. In a notable case, Senator Prescott Bush, an erstwhile member of the American Fascist party, was sanctioned for doing business dealings with the Nazis even after World War II started. It’s no wonder Scalia is the way he is. A corporatist, a segregationist and a big advocate of state’s rights, he may as well be a plantation owner in the Antebellum South. I don’t think his interpretation of the Constitution is what it’s supposed to be. He has a conservative agenda and will always rule for the wealthy corporations. If Willard Romney had been elected, he would have only appointed more like him on the bench.

Mitt Romney is Outraged SCOTUS Upholds Romneycare-Inspired Plan

Celebrating the 5-4 decision

Chief Justice John Roberts yesterday issued a judgement that many view as a victory for the American people. The Affordable Care Act was upheld by a 5-4 decision, thereby solidifying President Obama’s lasting impact on the health and well-being of his nation. It’s a step towards achieving a nationalized healthcare plan, like every other civilized nation already has.


Here are a few benefits of the ACA or as conservatives scathingly call it, Obamacare, already in place or about to take effect:

  • Expands insurance coverage to over 30 million additional people, including 2.5 million young people already added to their parents’ plans,
  • Hundreds of millions more will receive significantly more generous benefits and subsidized premiums if needed,
  • Millions of Americans with a pre-existing condition — from asthma to cancer — can NOT be denied coverage by an insurance company right when they need it most.
  • Medicare donut hole gap: Medicare recipients who fall into the coverage gap get big discounts: 50 percent on brand name prescriptions, and up to 14 percent on generic drugs. And by 2020, this gap in coverage will be closed—for good For those with private insurance:
  • Can no longer waste your premium on CEO costs and salaries
  • Must use 80 percent of your premium for health care services and improving care
  • Has to justify hikes to your premium to an independent panel keeping your rates down

Contrary to those on the right, it does not increase the deficit or destroy Medicare. Conservatives seem to have a problem with those of us who believe families should not go bankrupt just because a loved one falls ill.

Right Wing Outrage and Insanity

As expected, here comes the right wing outrage. They are furious and stunned by the Supreme Court’s actions. “What they did not do is say that the law is a good law or good policy,” said Willard Romney just after the decision was announced. When has the Supreme Court ever said that in a decision? I guess a Romney Court will start commenting on “good” and “bad” laws? He has absolutely no plan to replace the Affordable Care Act and actually plans to permit insurance companies to once again have the right to deny coverage over pre-existing conditions. Compassionate as always, Willard.

He spoke in Washington DC at a rally or whatever you call his stiffly arranged all-white gatherings. “This is the time of choice for the American people,” Willard said on Thursday. “If you don’t want the course that President Obama has put us on, if you want instead a course that the Founders envisioned, then join me in this effort. Help us. Help us defeat Obamacare.”…..and replace it with what? A plan to once again kick the uninsured out of the system rendering them vulnerable to the high cost of emergency room care? As a selfish conservative, he doesn’t realize we ALL foot the bill. Health and well being of all citizens is an important concern for ALL Americans.

Willard, as Massachusetts Governor, enacted an incredibly similar plan as the dreaded Obamacare. He was able to pass Romneycare and it is quite popular today with Massachusetts, where 99% of all citizens are insured and have a mandate if you will. Willard’s faux “outrage” represents just another colossal Romney flip-flop. He’s just kowtowing to his TeaParty masters. Is anyone surprised?

Why Is a Car Thief the Chairman on Oversight and Reform?

Republican Congressman Darrell Issa

In the early 1970’s this man was suspected not once but twice of grand theft auto. He also is highly suspected of burning down his warehouse to collect the the insurance money. Meet the Chairman on Oversight and Government Reform, Darrell Issa.

He tries to deny his past. He minimizes the arson, car theft and even an accusation of waving a loaded gun around, although he can’t remember that. I’m absolutely certain I’ve never even held a loaded gun, but Mr. Issa’s memory is fuzzy. He says he was just a kid….just a kid? In 1980, when Issa was indicted for felony auto theft, he was 27 years old. In 1982, when he was under suspicion for the arson fire, he was 29 years old. Just a kid? Too long ago to remember? I guess for a Teabagger, that’s considered history. They’re not terribly into academics. Just look at their signs.


Now on to the unpleasant business at hand with our Attorney General, Eric Holder. Essentially, Darrell Issa wants Mr. Holder to stop going after states like Pennsylvania and Florida who are practicing voter suppression, which is the only way a state like Pennsylvania would go for Willard Romney. Nancy Pelosi, House Minority Leader, is on to Issa’s witch hunt of Holder.


During the probe of the Fast and Furious program, AG Holder has been more than cooperative. He was subpoenaed and testified nine times. The DOJ provided well over 7,000 pages of requested documents. This entire contempt charge is complete garbage, even Issa knows it. But he’s a fame whore who knows this is the only way to thrust attention upon himself.

Before he held public office he helped fund Proposition 209, a 1996 California ballot initiative that banned affirmative action in public institutions. In 2003 he got national attention for financing the successful effort to recall former California governor Gray Davis. He felt slighted when the GOP picked Schwarzenegger over him for the Sacramento job. Ever since, he’s been trying to make a name for himself. Generally he chooses the least ethical ways to do so.

He’s routinely blocked any efforts by Congress to regulate Wall Street. He’s even taken a Goldman Sachs Vice President as a staffer. He’s also blocked the investigation of Goldman Sachs while profiting immensely from their questionable activities.

If any American feels this shady character is justified or qualified to hold an Obama cabinet member in contempt, they need to take a closer look at who is conducting these hearings and the real reason he is doing it. It’s a simple answer: to increase the power of the oligarchical GOP. Funny how he’s escaped prosecution for real crimes and tries to prosecute reputable people for imagined ones.
Update: September 20, 2012: Attorney General Holder cleared of wrongdoing in the Fast and Furious case as expected. Issa truly should go back to alarming cars because there are plenty of guys just like him out there.

Another Canadian Perspective: Why is the GOP Obsessed With Genitalia?


A Guest Blog by @KyleAllen1997

Economy, economy economy. That’s what numerous members of the GOP say the 2012 election is about, including Mitt Romney. But is it really? While Republicans bitch and moan and blame President Obama for “hard economic times” the President and numerous Democrats like Nancy Pelosi are trying to pass bills that will actually create jobs, like the Transportation bill. At the same time, numerous right-wing ultra social conservatives (Almost everyone in the GOP these days) are out in full force trying to ban same sex marriage and holding rallies to ban abortion.

North Carolinian Republican State Senator Peter Brunstetter proposed an amendment to officially ban same sex marriage AND same sex civil unions in the state. On May 8th, the state overwhelmingly voted in favor of it, making it the 31st state to add an amendment to ban same sex marriage to their constitution. Same sex marriage doesn’t hurt anyone. No one dies or gets hurt because of a same sex marriage. But the GOP is obsessed with who likes what kind of genitalia. If you are a man and like genitalia from another man, you would be someone who will destroy the world according to them. Ironically, most of them probably watch lesbian porn in the privacy of their own home while their wives are out running errands.

In April, after President Obama announced his plan to simply ask insurance companies to cover contraceptives for women, the GOP went completely psycho, which led to them proposing 1,100 state bills trying to restrict abortion and contraceptives. AKA: The War on Women. Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker also feels that women shouldn’t be paid the same for the same work men do. All this, why? Because women have vaginas. Which is kinda what makes them women. For some reason, Republican men think they know what’s in the best interested for women, because somehow they know how women feel. To Republican men I say: You don’t have a vagina, you have no say.

Again, the GOP insists the 2012 election is all about jobs and the economy, while they try and dictate what women and the LGBT community can do with their lives. All this to say, if you have a vagina, or you are a woman and like vagina, or you are a man and like dick, or you care about basic human rights, you know who to vote for in November.

Kyle is a 15 year old liberal politics enthusiast living in Ontario, Canada. He knows more about American Politics than 95% of Americans . He kicks Caiden Cowger’s ass!

Why is Willard Running Away from the REAL ROMNEY?

Now that Willard Romney is the GOP candidate, we are struggling to figure out what makes this seemingly robotic man tick. As far as books go, The Real Romney is “A good-faith effort to profile a notoriously hard-to-define candidate.” For example, Willard “recounts the story of his great-grandfather Miles’s dramatic journey to Mexico in the 1880s, but left out most of the details, with no mention of Miles’s multiple wives or his perilous assignment to create a sanctuary for polygamy across the border.” This resembles his recent speech to a group of Latinos at NALEO in Orlando, Florida, during which he never made a solid connection with the crowd. They were told of his father’s birth in Mexico, but never mentioned he was one of many in a white, LDS, non-Hispanic plural marriage family. That’s right. George Romney was a son of polygamists, polygamists who fled the USA for Mexico, where they could continue their CHOSEN LIFESTYLE of Plural marriage. Can we say this made this speech on June 21, 2012 just a bit awkward? He’s trying desperately to relate to people he has nothing in common with and who frankly don’t care for his brand of pandering.

Since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, as Americans, we’ve avoided discussing a person’s religion as being taboo. As Americans we’ve (not really) prided ourselves on religious freedom. So we’ve somehow given Willard a pass on his faith and its many mystical secrets. There is a window into this furtive life however. You can easily learn quite a bit in a brief amount of time. Perhaps you don’t have time to read an entire book. Fear not, there is another way to obtain a wealth of insightful information.

Mr. Park Romney, Willard’s second cousin, is a man who’s been shunned for being an apostate and has professed The Mormon faith to be a complete sham. A man with rational and logical beliefs, Park Romney carefully explains how he has discovered the truth about Mormonism. He should know, as he was one of them once and grew to naturally question and distrust the whole infrastructure of the church.

Park Romney, with the unmistakable Romney features

He states: In our rush to have been accused of being bigoted, in America, we have a natural tendency to want to steer clear of this topic. I will be the first to agree that to be arbitrarily dismissive of a man’s candidacy for the office of President, or any office for that matter, on the basis of his religion is definitely bigoted. “Arbitrarily dismissive” is the key phrase here. In the case of Mormonism, we have a very unique situation. Questions about Mormonism for those fully informed of the very real issues are not in the least degree arbitrary. There are very real concerns that millions of former Mormons are very much aware of. This is not simply a question of subjective disagreements on points of faith that really can’t be proved or disproved anyway. In the case of the Mormon Church, I share the view with many others, including people far more scholarly and qualified in other ways than myself, that the Mormon religion is not only an insidious contemporary fraud, but has been demonstrated conclusively to be such by researchers who are alive today and competent to testify on the basis of evidence still available today. Accordingly, the questions that are most important and relevant to Mitt’s candidacy here, since he is a current High Priest of the Mormon Church, are not of religion, but very fair questions of ethics and judgment. If Joseph Smith lied about the entire religion, what of all the other implausible stories at the root of the Mormon faith including the Book of Mormon itself and its dubious beginnings in stories that have been shamelessly re-written, time and time again, in an effort to eliminate the conundrum of faith that the inherent contradictions which a thoughtful and thorough investigation of the actual events, as purported by the Church, reveals. The half-hearted denouncement of polygamy is one example of a “re-write” Mr. Romney is referencing. Since it was declared illegal, Joseph Smith’s Gospel has been “amended”. I can’t seem to find a portion of the Old Testament, no matter how distasteful (i.e. Leviticus) it is, that has been re-written to leave out unpleasant accounts.

Mitt Romney

In other words, after years of study, Park Romney has concluded the entire belief system of the LDS church is based on a series of lies, as told by a charlatan and criminal. As a skeptic, I believe all organized religions are the means of controlling others, but this religion goes a bit farther. I’m baffled how no one is allowed to question this candidate’s devout belief in the Sacred Book of Mormon. If he were a devout Scientologist, would it be the same? Park Romney, by raising these valid points, has been shunned and alienated by the family. He’s even been followed by the FBI and CIA through his cousin’s super powerful connections. They’d like him to keep his mouth shut as to not tarnish his cousin Willard’s squeaky clean image. I believe it’s an image that is far less clean than we even realize. We have only just begun to look down the rabbit hole.

Dissent from the LDS Church

The Silent Superpower Behind Our Media

This Sunday I had to switch off the television as I saw Republican Congressman Darrell Issa as a featured panel member on Meet The Press. This self proclaimed ex-car thief, arsonist and wielder of guns had an opinion that someone actually valued? David Gregory had on his panel of “experts” the man responsible for the all-male panel which grilled Sandra Fluke about contraception while failing to consult a single female expert? He’s done absolutely nothing to help create jobs and is launching a witch hunt to try to hold Eric Holder in contempt of Congress for withholding documents he is forbidden by law to release. It’s insane and I’m completely disgusted.

Contrary to what many who know me might argue, I’m not crazy. The Sunday talk show circuit is largely white, male AND Republican. Here’s a chart from


So I looked into who owns the media. I mean the real players behind the scenes. I found a comprehensive list of media ownership. These are the top 20 media outlets. Only numbers 18 and 19 are NOT members on the Council on Foreign Relations. (CFR) They are:

1. Time Warner Inc.
2. Walt Disney Company
3. Viacom Inc.
4. News Corporation
5. CBS Corporation
6. Cox Enterprises
7. NBC Universal
8. Gannett Company, Inc.
9. Clear Channel Communications Inc.
10. Advance Publications, Inc.
11. Tribune Company
12. McGraw-Hill Companies
13. Hearst Corporation
14. Washington Post Company
15. The New York Times Company
16. E.W. Scripps Co.
17. McClatchy Company
18. Thomson Corporation
19. Freedom Communications, Inc.
20. A&E Television Networks

I’ve heard of the CFR before, but had no idea of the scope of their influence. It’s quite a powerful conglomerate of people and multi-national corporations. The most insidious characteristic they have is their common goal of centralizing and merging everything into gigantic international mega-corporations. They are the proponents of a central banking system which Thomas Jefferson was firmly opposed to. “The Central Bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the principles and form of our Constitution…if the American people allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” Does that not describe the situation in America today? With the unmistakable power these corporations and their financiers wield, it seems his prediction has come to pass.

War Criminal Donald Rumsfeld Speaks at the CFR

According to the aforementioned article, “Most influential politicians, academics and media personalities are members, and it uses its influence to infiltrate the New World Order into American life. Its’ “experts” write scholarly pieces to be used in decision making, the academics expound on the wisdom of a united world, and the media members disseminate the message”. Ah, so that’s it, a New World Order. The New World Order, is a term we first heard, coincidentally on September 11, 1990, by President George H.W. Bush. Really GOP? 9/11 again?

With all these humongous mergers, it’s easy to see how easily we are manipulated by what’s deemed as newsworthy. We truly can’t control the media ourselves. It’s definitely NOT LIBERAL. Why do you think Joe Scarborough gets three full hours every day on Morning Joe on MSNBC? Perhaps because the MS in MSNBC stands for Microsoft, Bill Gate’s Microsoft donated 2.4 million in 2000 to get George W Bush elected. Et tu Bill Gates? We are totally screwed. I’m going to watch cartoons.

Fulfilling Joseph Smith’s White Horse Prophecy: Willard Romney

George Washington and the founding fathers were incredibly insightful because they did not want the United States to be a sectarian nation. They firmly believed if we favor one particular religion, ANY religion, over another, we’ll end up dividing, rather than uniting the nation. The government is not barred from acknowledging faith, however. It has crept into ceremonies like swearing into office in the form of “so help you God”. As inevitable as it is, the founders felt we must be careful and considerate by making religion as unobtrusive as possible.

I doubt if any of you non-Mormons would consider baptizing every single Holocaust victim posthumously into the LDS faith as careful or considerate. This has outraged many in the Jewish community. I watched a brilliant report of this atrocity on a BBC report entitled, The Mormon President. Mitt Romney is not the first Mormon to run for president. Joseph Smith tried in 1844, with little success. But the principles and visions for his vision of a Mormon Planet have changed very little. The comparisons between Romney and Smith are startling. In fact something Joseph Smith said about the abolition of slavery kind of hit a nerve about the two men. He said, “leave it up to the states.” That sounds a lot like Willard’s philosophies on healthcare, immigration and education. Joseph Smith had a newspaper’s printing facilities incinerated for reporting negative news about his polygamy, while Mitt Romney paid $100,000 to wipe his records clean after leaving the Massachusetts Governor post. Very secretive and very suspicious if you ask me.

Have you noticed how the Press has literally ignored his Mormon faith? It is, in his words, what has molded his character, what motivates him in life. It is the most secretive, bizarre religion I’ve heard of, surpassing Scientology in my opinion, and it is never EVEN mentioned on the news. I guess we’re trying to keep the focus on how bad the Obama economy is supposed to be. Mitt must be thinking, “so you governors in Ohio, Indiana and Florida please, please keep your pie holes shut about the goddamned economy. You’re making me look bad. I’m going to head up to my super-mega retreat in Park City, Utah and be with my rich, white, Republican buddies. I have no time to be hobnobbing with you average scrubs with your pesky ethnicity and concern for the poor. I want to distract these “gentiles” who hold all the power and all the cash and use it to catapult me into my dream scenario: President Pro-Tem of the entire World.” This is the The White Horse Prophecy. It is the fulfillment of years of professionally campaigning for the presidency.

You will stop talking about positive job growth, it’s killing my strategy!

He believes he is going to be supreme leader of all men, Mormons and Gentiles alike, the gentiles being anyone who’s non-Mormon. They will eventually see the error of their ways or be submissive before the Mormon superior master race. As a matter of fact, Mitt Romney has based his life and philosophy of governing as parallel to the Mormon Church and it’s founder, Joseph Smith. He is actually mirroring the campaign Smith launched in 1844 for the Presidency. There is a fine documentary of The First Mormon to Run for President written by Adam Christing. He’s a man who wears many hats: comedian, director, pastor, actor and Mormon. He knows what he is speaking about, and he does it quite well.

Romney has taken a secret oath pledging his loyalty first and foremost to his church: “There are, still today, very secret ceremonies in the Mormon temple, which Romney has participated in — virtually all of those, including something called the Oath of Consecration, where he consecrates his money, his time, his talents. His whole life, really. Here is the Oath of Consecration: “You and each of you covenant and promise before God, angels, and these witnesses at this altar, that you do accept the law of consecration as contained in this, The Book of Doctrine and Covenants, in that you do consecrate yourselves, your time, talents, and everything with which the Lord has blessed you, or with which he may bless you, to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, for the building up of the kingdom of God on the earth and for the establishment of Zion.” So here’s the main problem: It’s a commitment to the Mormon church, not god or his country. In fact, Mitt has used the church to further his interests on same-sex marriage. He has directly involved politics and his church. He’ll do it again, no doubt.

Mormons have a sense of superiority. They’re downright secretive. A non-Mormon isn’t even allowed in the Mormon Temple. Look at how Willard is conducting this weekend’s Park City “retreat”, a word rife with religious connotations (it should be called just a simple summit). With Willard, you can be assured, “god” will enter into the discussion. The liberals and godless heathens must be defeated. After all, he’s a descendant of Mormon royalty, a founding father if you will. He has a sense of entitlement to carry on the LDS legacy Joseph Smith has put forth back in the early to mid 1800’s. But this is a man more interested in the almighty dollar. He was named after a very rich man, J. Willard Marriott, a Mormon of substantial wealth. He was praised to the hilt for his “salvation” of the 2002 Winter Olympics in, of course, Salt Lake City. I’ve never heard a single word about the ongoing scandals that still exist from the SLC Olympics. It was these Olympics, filled with bribery, that catapulted Willard into the governorship of Massachusetts, a state, frankly, that didn’t care much for his brand of governance.

Shmoozing with his friends in Park City, strategizing on how to rid this nation of President Obama

There’s no question the Romneys are the original pioneers of the Mormon Faith. The journey from England to Illinois was the one taken by Mitt Romney’s great-great-great grandfather, Miles Romney, along with his wife, Elizabeth, from the poor factory town of Preston, England, to Illinois. Miles, an architect, was tasked with assisting the construction of the Nauvoo Temple. Romney’s Mormon roots are very undeniable. However when all went down and Joseph Smith was assassinated, Brigham Young took a group of polygamist supporters who followed the prophet to the promised land of Utah, while Joseph Smith’s widow, Edie Smith remained with a largely monogamist followers and started a non-polygamous group of Mormons in the Midwest. The Romneys chose to go with the Polygamists to Utah. But, Willard’s been spinning the lie , “I’m only for monogamous marriage and wouldn’t have it any other way.” But it was his grandfather, his very own grandfather who had FIVE wives. The current Mormon Scripture doesn’t really shun or ban polygamy, it actually celebrates it posthumously, as Willard’s dead gramps has 14 wives now, 14 women to enjoy celestially in perpetuity. So polygamy is perfectly acceptable, but LGBT Mormons (yes, they exist) are not allowed to marry? I guess the Book of Mormon, written by a convicted criminal and pedophile, knows best.

As far as being prepared for a nuclear holocaust, Mormons have been obsessed with disaster preparedness in awaiting End of Days scenarios. They encourage members to have a a huge stash of food, clothing, ammo and protective clothing for nuclear disasters. This is not something us Atheists think about. We believe our leaders will have the foresight to avoid major wars, not start them over some holy argument or religious dogma. If you believe in posthumous celestial bliss, living eternally on your own planet where you are the “God”, why bother making this life better for everyone? Let’s keep cutting aid to poor, non-deserving “Gentiles”. Why not do your part ending this world filled with non-believers and heathens who are not “pure” and let’s get on with it already? This thought makes this man’s ideas about religion and politics quite terrifying. Willard is not what the founding fathers had in mind over two-hundred years ago, and he certainly is not any more acceptable today. The United States WILL become a theocratic plutocracy. The GOP has already started the ball rolling. Willard will complete the journey.