Koch Brothers’ Amerikkka

Co-Founder of the John Birch Society 20120531-091057.jpg

Fred Koch

The Koch Brothers and ALEC are working hard to suppress as many legitimate voters as possible. “After the 2008 presidential election — in the wake of the highest general election turnout in nearly 60 years (particularly among university students and African-Americans) — corporations and politicians on ALEC’s “Public Safety and Elections” Task Force voted to approve “model” voter ID legislation as a policy priority for members. (The “private sector” co-chair of that task force at the time was the National Rifle Association)” (The NRA, big supporters of ALEC and the GOP) Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a puppet of the Koch family, drew the attention of Stephen Colbert who highlighted his absurd tactics to dismay and confuse voters. Voter suppression is an extremely minor issue. It is not a problem of the magnitude of say ELECTION FRAUD. Listen to Fox News and you’ll be convinced it’s the biggest problem America has faced since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. This master plan has been EIGHTY years in the making!


All this insidiousness is certainly not new for the Birchers: suppressing voters, exploiting the poor, keeping the “coloreds” segregated. The Koch brothers have actively been involved with Americans for Prosperity’s efforts to RE-SEGREGATE schools!. The patriarch of the klan, I mean clan, is Fred, who died in 1967. He made Charles Koch his successor in his multi-billion dollar empire. It is an empire with immense tentacles which reach into any and every aspect of society they wish to influence. They are the mastermind of the insanely racist and corporatist “TeaParty”. They start with local and state governments and are now moving nationally with the help of Birther sympathizer, Willard Romney.

As one of the John Birch Society’s founders, an organization steeped in racism and fear-mongering, Fred Koch and his minions took over strong anti-union, anti-veteran agendas in localities. Occasionally, they were unsuccessful in their intimidation techniques, but mostly have immense wealth and power to get any elected official to do their bidding, including Willard Romney. After all, Mittens believed “blacks were cursed” until his church changed its thinking when he was an adult of thirty-one years. We all know how they must speak of this black president behind closed doors.


As I’ve written previously, the GOP is terrified of whites becoming a minority. They have poor voters often convinced they are the ones who will save them, even if every single policy from healthcare to taxes will hurt them IMMENSELY! It is really important to convince voters whose income is between the poverty line and twice the poverty line that they should vote for candidates who would do something about their plight. Unfortunately, these voters fall for the fear tactics and seem to vote against their better interests. By accepting racist hate and bigotry, they vote for the prosperity of the Kochs and their sick and twisted vision for Amerikkka. It’s entirely sad and tragic and, for me, very painful to witness.

A quick update: U.S. judge blocks part of ‘harsh’ Florida voting law  A tiny victory for the little guy!

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