2 Birthers and a Racist Hold Fundraiser: Trump, Gingrich and Romney

Trump Hotel, Las Vegas


It’s Romney’s answer to President Obama’s star-studded dinner with George Clooney. Along with Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich, the three will present Willard as a true American. Unfortunately, it has to be in my city! Las Vegas is the home to one of Trump’s tacky buildings, so why not?

Why not include a caustic, divisive figure like Newt? He’s perfect because he fits into the birther mold. He said back in March : “We need an American president who is for American energy, someone with American values who will create American jobs on American soil.” Always hinting how UnAmerican President Obama seems to be. This is the GOP plan to unite America.


The fundraiser comes the week after Trump repeated his longstanding questions about whether Obama was born in the U.S., just to throw more red meat at the Birther base. Willard has yet to denounce Trump’s birtherism. He’s even said he is honored by his endorsement. We can be assured, this fundraiser will be a grotesque display of racist, teabagging Obama Derangement Syndrome on steroids.

Why, we ask, would Willard allow this to go on? It’s likely because his religion, the primary thing which defines him, Mormonism, condoned such thinking for most of its existence. It’s also a far-right favorite attack on the President, so he’ll happily participate in this insanity. As far as the racism he willingly engaged in, you must simply look at Mormon Doctrine

Until Mitt Romney was 31 years old, he followed this school of thought: According to Mormon history and authoritative Mormon teachers, the Negro, as they were referred to, are a cursed race because they were not faithful to God in their first estate (the pre-existent life with God). Hence, when they are born they are born in black skinned families. The early Mormon church was highly prejudicial against black people. And though there has been a change in attitude to blacks as of June 9, 1978 when they were finally allowed into the Mormon priesthood, it cannot be denied that Mormonism was, up until very recently, a segregated church. Of course he has deep seeded prejudice towards President Obama. How can an inferior Negro be president? I can almost hear him thinking this out loud. Sorry folks, but 31 years is long enough to form your character and belief system. No revisions in the faith can transform that now. One Gladys Knight in your church ain’t gonna change that.


Arizona Secretary of State Bennett…another Birther

Further evidence of Romney’s racist Birther tendencies is evident by his support of Arizona’s investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate. By simply NOT condoning Bennett, and Sheriff Arpaio for their Birther nonsense and praising Trump and Gingrich for their convoluted views, we see a little more clearly what this Etch-a-Sketch candidate is about. He is no friend to anyone whose skin is darker than his, perhaps maybe John Boehner may be the only exception….

Feel free to attend the protest at 6:30 in front of Trump’s Vegas Hotel.

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