Conservative? Spending Cash to Guard Rush Statue and Other GOP Insanities

Seriously Missouri? In Kansas City, a statue of the head of Rush Limbaugh is now guarded by a camera which cost taxpayers $1,100.00


This is a man who accuses anyone in favor of contraception coverage by insurance companies of being a slut? He gets a statue? With a security camera, no less? This is just one example of frivolous spending and the bat-shit crazy priorities of the GOP.

In a related story, we have the never ending Birther saga. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Tea Party favorite has dispatched a team recently (to no avail) to investigate President Obama’s birth certificate. He’s obviously suffering from CRIS: Cranial Rectal Inversion Syndrome where his head is firmly implanted up his ass.

Sheriff Joe and his prized prison industry

A few other reminders of mentally deranged, wasteful spending by Conservatives:
•The Performance Enhancing Drug Trials of pitcher Roger Clemens
• The classification of pizza as a vegetable by the 112th Congress
• The insane obsession with overturning Roe V Wade. Congress has attempted to add 44 anti-abortion bills by mid 2011 and that number grows by the week. Notice there have been ZERO job bills? Seriously. It’s CRIS. No question.

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