If Jesus Wanted Everyone to have Insurance, he’d have been Crucified on a Blue Cross Blue Shield.

From the mouth of the ever sagacious Stephen T. Colbert on his Colbert Report (February, 2012)  ” Folks, I have often warned you that President Obama is an anti-religious zealot, which is surprising, since he is also a devout secret Muslim. Now he is launching a vengeful crusade against the Catholic Church, which is especially hurtful, since vengeful crusades… kind of our thing…I say if Jesus wanted everyone to have insurance, he’d have been crucified on a Blue Cross Blue Shield.”  Sounds funny.  But it’s less than funny to the millions who are going to perhaps lose their insurance if SCOTUS decides to rule against the Affordable Care Act.  The Catholic Church has a huge problem with the contraception coverage in the health care mandate.  It doesn’t force anyone to provide contraception, just cover it if someone does need it.  Regardless of their religion.

Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Dolan claims the White House is strangling the Catholic Church with the contraception mandate.  It is forcing them to limit charitable activities even though they receive two thirds of their funding totaling $2.9 billion per year from the federal government.  It’s essentially the church holding their breath and turning blue until they get their way.  If the poor and needy have to suffer, so be it.  But don’t worry folks.  Cardinal Dolan and his ilk will not have to suffer one bit.  He’ll continue to dress lavishly as do all his brethren in the very wealthy Vatican.  Once again, the war on women and the poor continues, with the help of religion.  Try not to be too surprised.  There is quite a pattern of this, worldwide.

One thought on “If Jesus Wanted Everyone to have Insurance, he’d have been Crucified on a Blue Cross Blue Shield.

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