The Media is Anything but Liberal


Meet the Press with the only Democrat, Dick Durbin (on the left) in a sea of red

Just look at the caption on the photo. Debt, spending and taxes. Spending is one of the pet phrases found in the GOP talking points daily memos. Remember the Bush era? No mention of how he spent like a drunken sailor, mortgaged the hell out of the country and slashed taxes on those who could best afford to pay. THAT’S why there’s massive debt. But any economist knows during a recession, the least of our concerns is the debt. The least amongst us need a hand up, not a kick in the teeth (as most of the poor haven’t seen a dentist in years). If you listen to the Budget Munster, Paul Ryan, the debt is all we should care about, except the rich shouldn’t fork over one red cent to pay it down. Just leave it up to the fixed-income elderly and the kids who depend on public education to simply not starve as they are too poor to get food at home. It’s them who should be doing the sacrificing. They need to sit tight and wait for the trickle down.

But I digress. We’re talking about the nonsense claim of liberal media dominating the scene in America. Here’s the actual line up from 5/20/2012 of a “liberal media” show (Meet the Press):
•Dick Durbin D-Il.
Senate Assistant Majority Leader
•Paul Ryan
U.S. senator, R-Wis.
•Cory Booker (who slammed Obama’s Bain Capital ads)
Mayor of Newark, N.J.
•Mike Murphy
Republican Strategist
•Jim Cramer
Host of CNBC’s Mad Money
•Kim Strassel
Wall Street Journal

Republican Attack Dog, Mike Murphy


About a 4:2 ratio of Conservatives to Democrats, one of those Democrats taking a position contrary to the president he should stand behind. Not very liberal indeed.

Here’s a few more obvious reasons why we shouldn’t call this once liberal press liberal:
1. The most listened to talk radio show in America is from the vitriolic GOP mouthpiece Rush Limbaugh. About of 90% of all talk radio is ultra-right wing propaganda
2. the magazine with the largest circulation in America, TV Guide, is owned and controlled by Rupert Murdoch. In fact, the second largest media organization in America is owned and controlled by Rupert Murdoch.
3. ABC, CBS, NBC and their owners; Disney, Westinghouse and General Electric are liberal corporations. Just kidding. Judging by their lobbyists alone, they are anything but liberal
4. In the 10 months preceding April 24, 2012, President Obama didn’t receive even one single week of positive press in any major outlet. Only Newt Gingrich received more negative press than the President.
5. over 90% of the daily newspapers over the past 16 years endorsed such liberals as Reagan, Reagan, Bush, Bush, Dole and Bush for President.

Even allegedly leftist MSNBC is dominated in their morning line up by Joe Scarborough, a former Republican Congressman and certainly not a liberal. In fact, aside from great online blogs such as Media Matters, Think Progress, Alternet, PoliticusUSA, Mother Jones & the Daily Kos to name a few, the press is largely conservative leaning. To find a daily print publication that’s liberal is immensely challenging. The only purely liberal TV network is Current TV and my cable company doesn’t even carry it. There are scores of other examples I left out, as I think my point has been made. Liberal bias is far more rare than conservative bias. That’s a fact!

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