Why Does the Party of God Hate Women and the Poor?

It’s a psychotic pledge to NEVER raise taxes under ANY circumstances. It’s a pledge by which Grover Norquist and his Republican minions have held state and federal governments hostage. By cutting frivolities like education, Meals on Wheels, the fire department and other vital services, they’ve literally balanced budget shortfalls on the most needy and defenseless amongst us. I’m not sure the New Testament supports that notion. I guess we’re going Old Testament style now? Beware shellfish eaters, a good stoning may be coming your way.

President of Americans for Tax Reform Norquist


Take California for example. A projected $16 billion budget shortfall should be rectified by raising taxes on the plethora of insanely wealthy Californians. Yeah, in your dreams that’ll happen, because the GOP members of California’s legislature signed the bullshit Norquist Pledge. So education is now on the chopping block. Nice.

Maine Senator Olympia Snowe, one of a rare breed of reasonable Republicans is leaving the body because of treasonous gridlock. She says it’s impossible to work in this toxic environment. She sees how the extreme right wing and their unwillingness to ever compromise will destroy this once functional legislative body. The Violence Against Women Act, passed in 1994, protects women from coming forth if their attackers are their source of citizenship (for one). The House Teabaggers recently passed a version of the once universally supported bill that leaves women largely unprotected and vulnerable to further attacks. Thankfully, the Democrats still control the Senate, so this will hopefully go away. It’s pretty damned cruel. I guess Jesus hated chicks? Or did he hate immigrants? The GOP obviously despises both.


Last year, Mitch McConnell (pictured above with his Orangeness, John Boehner) drove the country to the brink of credit and financial disaster intentionally, which is the very definition of treason. Guess what: they plan on revisiting that America-hating strategy again!

Their hatred for President Obama supersedes their elected responsibility to serve the people who elected them. The Teaparty feels its far more important for the 1% to pay 1/3 what the über rich pay in taxes in other civilized nations (i.e. Sweden, Germany) in favor of literally starving the poor, disabled and seniors. Why not throw a touch of violence against women in there to make sure all the inferiors of the white Christian male know their place. It’s what Jesus would do, right?

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