Attacking A Candidate’s Religion: Suddenly “Out of Bounds?”


I remember the Reverend Jeremiah Wright controversy. The focus on then candidate Obama’s Christian faith was scrutinized like no other. His funny name, religion and love of America was in question. It’s still the subject of countless right wing hate-mongers everywhere.

President Obama and Reverend Wright

Then we have George Romney, Willard’s dad. Born on a polygamist compound in Mexico, he ran for president in 1968, his birth certificate and American-ness never coming into question. His family was forced to flee to Mexico to continue to practice their polygamist ways. Grandpa Miles Romney was a man who believes marriage should be between a man and a woman…and a woman…and a woman (5 women actually). Since polygamy is now outlawed, but still practiced in Arizona and Utah (Red States), the Mormons of today have been forced to denounce it, regardless of what their religion has led them to believe. Celestial Marriage, a tenet of the Mormon faith, means only those sealed by the Mormon temple can be married in heaven and thus have eternal sex. If they have more than one wife on Earth, (by widowing for example) they can enjoy a polygamist eternal existence in heaven. Non-Mormons are not able to do this, as they are undoubtedly unworthy. Neat, huh?

Grandpa Miles Romney and his 5 wives

For some reason, I believe it may be his integrity, President Obama said the candidate’s religion is off limits. Governor Brian Schweitzer, (D) Montana, said his polygamist roots could hurt him . According to a survey, 86% of women are not in favor of polygamy.

But Willard has spoken out against another form of monogamy. Gay marriage, apparently, is SO egregious, we need a Constitutional Amendment to prevent it from destroying the institution of marriage for straight Americans. Maybe he’d be in favor of plural gay marriage? (that’s sarcasm). But he went even further in his religiously motivated intolerance.

First he said, in 1994, he’d be more liberal than Ted Kennedy on gay rights issues. Fast forward to last week. He said he’s in favor of gay couples having adoption rights. Then less than 24 hours later, he flip flops on gay adoption. Anytime a child can be loved by a family, regardless of its makeup, it should be WELCOMED! This is just another mean boy moment.

I can just imagine the unraveling of Governor Romney if a reporter asked a real question on his faith and its history on non-traditional marriage and racism.
Watch as Mitt becomes defensive and flustered as a reporter catches him in a blatant lie regarding a campaign staffer/lobbyist. Notice Eric Fehrnstrom coming to his master’s defense? I eagerly await the day a reporter asks him this: ‘How come up until you were 31, you knew of the LDS church’s position discriminating against African Americans in your church, you never spoke out against it?’ I hope the cameras are rolling if this ever happens! But I’m not holding my breath. The white candidate doesn’t get the tough questions.

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