Eric Fehrnstrom: Romney’s Personal Bully

You’ve heard the lies. Mitt Romney, once vehemently opposed to helping the auto industry, saying “let Detroit go bankrupt,” has claimed credit for “Obama’s only economic success”. This is the brainchild of Mitt Romney’s backbone, a.k.a. Eric Fehrnstrom. Here he is with his candidate below.


In the light of recent tales of “pranks and hijinks” involving homosexual bullying, we can see the attraction of these two mean boys. In 1992, as a reporter for the Boston Herald, Fehrnstrom outed a transgendered woman in the Massachusetts House. He showed the glee of a schoolboy when he found this woman’s birth certificate, proud of his hatred. This is much like Willard’s homophobic bullying at Cranbrook Prep School.
Fehrnstrom is Romney’s attack dog, going after Obama’s campaign strategist David Axelrod. Their Twitter feud is rather volatile and Fehrnstrom is the one to always counter any positivity of Obama’s number one guy with scathing sarcasm. He is also responsible for the Etch-A-Sketch comment . His intent to wreck people’s lives to further his interests can be seen in GQ Magazine and Politico’s piece on Eric Fehrnstrom.

Where David Axelrod is a careful, thoughtful strategist devoted to promoting the positives of his candidate, Eric Fehrnstrom is the “balls and backbone” of his number one, always seeking out the enemy with malicious intent. Stretching the truth, publishing unflattering pictures, exposing the personal lives of his opponents and engaging in smear tactics is the way Romney gets ahead. Someone’s got to make Mittens seem like a chordate, and Fehrnstrom seems to be the guy.

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