Nevada: The State of Income Inequality and Insane Power Rates


NV Energy CEO Yakira



With the 110° daily temperature fast approaching, Nevada is going to need plenty of power and water to keep us from literally burning up. Both utilities are immensely important and vital to our survival. Nevada faces the highest energy rates of any mountain state while their CEO, Michael Yackira raked in an estimated $4,500,000 on average since 2007. Nevadans have protested, of course to no avail. NV Energy has amassed massive profits while sticking it to their often poor customers.

On the flip side we see Pat Mulroy, the CEO of the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA). She’s kept rates as low as possible for Nevadans. Her salary last year was roughly $290,000. For their normally sinister reasons, Americans For Prosperity has launched a campaign against any steps for SNWA to stay competitive. Nevada residents face a mere $5 monthly surcharge to keep the provider afloat. The reasoning for right wing protest: the Water District is trying to keep all utilities under one umbrella, like most municipalities. To do the bidding of NV Energy, then Senator Ensign was the lapdog of Yackira’s lapdog and allowed the corporation free reign to raise rates on an already struggling economy. It’s a given Senator Heller, who I hope is ousted this November, is also a servant of this rapacious corporation.

Pat Mulroy represents the best in a public CEO while Yakira is one of the most unethical. The SNWA is not perfect, but its CEO shouldn’t be paid 17 times less (1700%) than a man known for screwing the people. Is it because she’s a woman? Perhaps, perhaps not. But she’s worth a lot more to the people than she gets, both in lauds and salary.

thanks to Ed Long @El1421 for his input

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