Democrats Should Unite Against DOMA, Prop 8 and Amendment One


Republicans have aligned themselves with religious fundamentalists and it has dictated their intolerance for decades now. One of these issues is who they feel should be allowed to marry. Today in North Carolina the voters go to the polls to determine the fate of Amendment One, a bill that restricts not just the rights of gay couples, but in married straight couples too. The bill is very poorly written and limits hospital visitation rights for all unmarried couples. With all the voter suppression laws and money from the fabulously wealthy religious right, the law has little chance of going down in a well-deserved defeat. (I really hope I’m wrong on this one).
DOMA, the Defense of Marriage Act and Prop 8 are 2 laws the church, especially Mitt Romney’s Mormon Church, have spent millions to defend and keep marriage in their world view: between a man and a woman. No exceptions, no tolerance for deviation. Typical GOP: our way or no way.

Wouldn’t it be nice if America adopted a tolerant, modern social position? Canada and several other countries have legalized same-sex marriage. Why can’t we join other civilized nations before the right wing crazies take over and bring us back to the 19th century? Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and Joe Biden both support gay marriage .

Vice President Biden and Secretary of Education Duncan

The White House Press Secretary, Jay Carney says Obama supports the defeat of Amendment One in North Carolina. I think it’s a win win for Democrats to be on the opposite side of the aisle from the GOP on this hotbed issue. The Democrats should own marriage equality. Over 53% of Americans now favor legalizing gay marriage. It’s time to get behind our LGBT citizens and stop this religiously motivated intolerance.
Speaking of intolerance, Mitt Romney appeared at a Celtics game this weekend. TBS commentator Charles Barkley slammed Romney. Watch the video. It’s typical Barkley. He said, “Mitt, we’re gonna beat you like a drum in November.” Proponents of equality, fairness and tolerance are counting on it!

Charles Barkley and Willard Mitt Romney

2 thoughts on “Democrats Should Unite Against DOMA, Prop 8 and Amendment One

  1. What happened when Canada legalized same-sex marriage? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. No one except a tiny minority of religious lunatics cares.

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