France Kicks Austerity to the Curb. Is the USA next?

Ousted President Sarkozy and President Elect Hollande

France has delivered a sharp message to the world. Cutting assistance to the poor while slashing taxes on the rich is not going to stimulate the economy. So they elected a Socialist, a system demonized by the Right Wing of American politics, a.k.a. The GOP. On May 6, François Hollande defeated President Sarkozy. Mr. Sarkozy was often looked at as President “Bling Bling,” friend to the rich.
Europe has been trying this austerity experiment since the inception of the epic worldwide financial meltdown of 2008. It hasn’t gone well in many countries, especially Greece, Spain and France. If you look at the austerity measures enacted by Tea-Party governors in the U.S., you’ll see a sharp contrast in the reactions of the respective populations of France and America. The French don’t take that crap lying down. Unfortunately, most Americans are unaware of the harm done to the economy and their very lives by tax cuts to the top income earners. France has enjoyed, as of late, a tax rate of roughly 41% on the top income bracket. The French feel this is far too low . However, it’s a far cry from the 13.9% tax rate Mitt Romney pays . The French elected a Socialist who has proposed a 75% tax rate on incomes over one million Euro (€) Can you imagine the socialist inspired new Red Scare that would ensue? Allen West accused 80 members of Congress of being Communists. That would be nothing compared to the Fox News/Rove attacks forthcoming if we took a stance like the French. West’s attack is simply a result of wanting to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire, as they were designed to.

The GOP presumptive nominee, Mitt Romney is going around the country lavishing praises on the upper echelon of income earners.
He appeared at a fundraiser at the home of the founder of Papa John’s Pizza. He said, Republicans think everyone should live like this.


He acts as if the Democrats want everyone living on a Kibbutz, a ridiculous and false notion. Perhaps all Americans aren’t in awe of the mega-wealthy like you are, Willard. Perhaps we also value our teachers, postal workers, firefighters, nurses and other common folk. Perhaps your ass-kissing of corporations and filthy rich folks is something America finds disgraceful. I know I am sick of the greed is good mentality and would love to see my America stand up for itself like France has done this last weekend. I hope we wake up by learning more about economics vis a vis the European example. Check out more objective news sites and try to educate your neighbors. First, you’ll have to get them to change their channels from any Murdoch networks. That’s no easy task, but it’s something we must try to do to save our country from the Willards of the world.

One thought on “France Kicks Austerity to the Curb. Is the USA next?

  1. Good One Jessie. Well and what Americans do not understand is corporations and the very rich in Most European countries pay much higher taxes than we do here in the US. In fact, Corporate Tax in this country is at an all time low, not to mention the tax rate on the very rich.

    The last clown is standing on the GOP side. The question is, will people take this election far more serious than they did in the mid-term in 2010?

    President Obama IS Changing this country even without the cooperation of the GOP…

    Hopefully Everyone will vote and we will continue to move forward.

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