Wisconsin: A Microcosm of the GOP War on Workers

February 16, 2011 Protest in State Capitol

June 5, 2012. Perhaps the second most important day this year: The Wisconsin Governor Walker Recall Election. Over 1,000,000 Wisconsinites signed a petition to recall Governor Scott Walker. His attack on collective bargaining rights and mass cuts to the board of education (to name a few) sparked the largest demonstration in Wisconsin’s history.

Wisconsin went Red in 2010. Very Red. One of our best progressive Senators Russ Feingold was ousted in 2010. It was a tragic loss for Democrats. The worst, however, was yet to come. The Tea Party/Koch brothers puppet, Scott Walker has proven to be one of the worst governors in the nation. With competition from Ohio’s Kasich, Michigan’s Snyder and Florida’s Scott, that’s saying A LOT! As a matter of fact, Wisconsin was the WORST in job creation for 2011 He rolled in on a wave of “job creator this and worker that.” Nonsense. He’s given insane tax breaks to big corporations and laid off thousands of police, firefighters and teachers. Recently, Walker has been visited by the political elite, Romney and Christie who have lent their support to his plight: Wisconsin’s citizens want him out! Walker has gone outside Wisconsin. In fact over 60% of Walker’s money has come from outside billionaire boys’ club

Governors Christie and Walker Corporations’ Best Friends

This recall represents the war on workers going on today between big corporate Republicans versus more worker-friendly Democrats. The outside money and support is there for Walker. Inside Wisconsin the Democratic front runner and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett is gaining on Walker. He’s raised about 1/10th the cash in his war chest as Scott Walker. Back in January, the Koch Brothers’ frontman was leading by 10 percentage points, that lead is now gone. Barrett actually leads 47% to Walker’s 46%.

The nation is watching this recall as closely as any race in history. It is a symbolic battle of corporations versus the people. It’s Citizen’s United in action and we hope the people’s voice is louder and stronger.

Another race, not quite as publicized is Paul Ryan’s challenge from Rob Zerban. Follow him @RobZerban. Ryan recently was cancelled by a fundraiser for The Gap because of his abysmal record on equal rights. Rob is quietly mounting a challenge to the man responsible for the most cruel budget ever drafted. Read more in this Esquire Magazine article

Paul Ryan’s challenger Rob Zerban

I’m certain Ryan has millions more than Mr Zerban, but my heart and the hearts of workers, elderly and the infirmed should go with the Democrat who is fighting for them. Please lend your support any way you can (tweet, blog, contribute) to Tom Barrett and Rob Zerban. They’ve got a tough battle ahead, but guys, America is pulling for you!

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