Romney Plus Christie Equals Greed and Gluttony

Governor Christie Endorsing Mitt Romney

While Romney is paling around with Rudy Giuliani, the man who helped increase the chaos on 9-11 by arrogantly insisting on the relocation of NYPD and NYFD CentCOMM to the WTC which cost lives, he’s also claiming a few other achievements. He’s claiming he is responsible for the auto bailout and the killing of bin Laden
But just hanging out with the disingenuous and spewing Fox News fallacies isn’t why he’s in the Tri-State area. He’s courting the big fish in the GOP: NJ Governor Chris Christie. Yesterday, Christie said he could be convinced to be on the ticket with Mitt Romney.
The guy who was the butt of a few Jimmy Kimmel jokes at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner isn’t as jovial and fun-loving as he appeared Saturday night. He’s got an ugly misogynistic, homophobic and unsympathetic side that borders on cruelty, plain and simply. He’s also not free from corruption and scandal.
When he was running for governor in 2009, part of his strategy was to discredit then Governor Corzine. His administration’s corruption woes made him easy fodder for Christie. But he had help expediting convictions. One of the most persistent stories that dogged Christie in his 2009 campaign was his unusual financial relationship with a top aide at his federal prosecutor office, Michele Brown.

His attitude towards women isn’t what you can considered respectful. In Christie, the heartless smug embodiment of the Republican Party, during a town hall, a female constituent asked a pointed question about “jobs going down.” Christie shouted back “You know something may be going down tonight but it ain’t gonna be jobs, sweetheart.” His party has a woman problem, and so does Chris Christie. Remember when he told a woman it’s none of your business where my kids go to school? Really diplomatic.

Obviously with all the opposition on the Right to marriage equality, you can easily guess how adamant Governor Christie in his quest to deny all citizens equal civil rights. His assertion that he would categorically veto any marriage equality bill has softened as public opinion has been gradually shifting towards more acceptance. Obviously to appease his party, he’ll give a lukewarm dissension to the matter, without enraging moderates, or so he thinks.


The ARC Tunnel Project is perhaps a foreboding of Christie’s true job-killing agenda. The state received stimulus money to build a much needed, updated means of transportation from New Jersey to Midtown Manhattan. There is an investigation into Christie’s exaggerated costs of building the tunnel He’s very unsympathetic of the poor. Right before the nation received its some bad news on unemployment, Christie told a cheering Republican crowd that the nation’s jobless were lazy examples of an entitlement mentality.
Perhaps Christie, the anti-union, anti-women, anti-equality bully is perfect after all. The GOP prides itself on all these principles.

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