Koch Brothers’ Amerikkka

Co-Founder of the John Birch Society 20120531-091057.jpg

Fred Koch

The Koch Brothers and ALEC are working hard to suppress as many legitimate voters as possible. “After the 2008 presidential election — in the wake of the highest general election turnout in nearly 60 years (particularly among university students and African-Americans) — corporations and politicians on ALEC’s “Public Safety and Elections” Task Force voted to approve “model” voter ID legislation as a policy priority for members. (The “private sector” co-chair of that task force at the time was the National Rifle Association)” (The NRA, big supporters of ALEC and the GOP) Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, a puppet of the Koch family, drew the attention of Stephen Colbert who highlighted his absurd tactics to dismay and confuse voters. Voter suppression is an extremely minor issue. It is not a problem of the magnitude of say ELECTION FRAUD. Listen to Fox News and you’ll be convinced it’s the biggest problem America has faced since the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. This master plan has been EIGHTY years in the making!


All this insidiousness is certainly not new for the Birchers: suppressing voters, exploiting the poor, keeping the “coloreds” segregated. The Koch brothers have actively been involved with Americans for Prosperity’s efforts to RE-SEGREGATE schools!. The patriarch of the klan, I mean clan, is Fred, who died in 1967. He made Charles Koch his successor in his multi-billion dollar empire. It is an empire with immense tentacles which reach into any and every aspect of society they wish to influence. They are the mastermind of the insanely racist and corporatist “TeaParty”. They start with local and state governments and are now moving nationally with the help of Birther sympathizer, Willard Romney.

As one of the John Birch Society’s founders, an organization steeped in racism and fear-mongering, Fred Koch and his minions took over strong anti-union, anti-veteran agendas in localities. Occasionally, they were unsuccessful in their intimidation techniques, but mostly have immense wealth and power to get any elected official to do their bidding, including Willard Romney. After all, Mittens believed “blacks were cursed” until his church changed its thinking when he was an adult of thirty-one years. We all know how they must speak of this black president behind closed doors.


As I’ve written previously, the GOP is terrified of whites becoming a minority. They have poor voters often convinced they are the ones who will save them, even if every single policy from healthcare to taxes will hurt them IMMENSELY! It is really important to convince voters whose income is between the poverty line and twice the poverty line that they should vote for candidates who would do something about their plight. Unfortunately, these voters fall for the fear tactics and seem to vote against their better interests. By accepting racist hate and bigotry, they vote for the prosperity of the Kochs and their sick and twisted vision for Amerikkka. It’s entirely sad and tragic and, for me, very painful to witness.

A quick update: U.S. judge blocks part of ‘harsh’ Florida voting law  A tiny victory for the little guy!

2 Birthers and a Racist Hold Fundraiser: Trump, Gingrich and Romney

Trump Hotel, Las Vegas


It’s Romney’s answer to President Obama’s star-studded dinner with George Clooney. Along with Donald Trump and Newt Gingrich, the three will present Willard as a true American. Unfortunately, it has to be in my city! Las Vegas is the home to one of Trump’s tacky buildings, so why not?

Why not include a caustic, divisive figure like Newt? He’s perfect because he fits into the birther mold. He said back in March : “We need an American president who is for American energy, someone with American values who will create American jobs on American soil.” Always hinting how UnAmerican President Obama seems to be. This is the GOP plan to unite America.


The fundraiser comes the week after Trump repeated his longstanding questions about whether Obama was born in the U.S., just to throw more red meat at the Birther base. Willard has yet to denounce Trump’s birtherism. He’s even said he is honored by his endorsement. We can be assured, this fundraiser will be a grotesque display of racist, teabagging Obama Derangement Syndrome on steroids.

Why, we ask, would Willard allow this to go on? It’s likely because his religion, the primary thing which defines him, Mormonism, condoned such thinking for most of its existence. It’s also a far-right favorite attack on the President, so he’ll happily participate in this insanity. As far as the racism he willingly engaged in, you must simply look at Mormon Doctrine

Until Mitt Romney was 31 years old, he followed this school of thought: According to Mormon history and authoritative Mormon teachers, the Negro, as they were referred to, are a cursed race because they were not faithful to God in their first estate (the pre-existent life with God). Hence, when they are born they are born in black skinned families. The early Mormon church was highly prejudicial against black people. And though there has been a change in attitude to blacks as of June 9, 1978 when they were finally allowed into the Mormon priesthood, it cannot be denied that Mormonism was, up until very recently, a segregated church. Of course he has deep seeded prejudice towards President Obama. How can an inferior Negro be president? I can almost hear him thinking this out loud. Sorry folks, but 31 years is long enough to form your character and belief system. No revisions in the faith can transform that now. One Gladys Knight in your church ain’t gonna change that.


Arizona Secretary of State Bennett…another Birther

Further evidence of Romney’s racist Birther tendencies is evident by his support of Arizona’s investigation of President Obama’s birth certificate. By simply NOT condoning Bennett, and Sheriff Arpaio for their Birther nonsense and praising Trump and Gingrich for their convoluted views, we see a little more clearly what this Etch-a-Sketch candidate is about. He is no friend to anyone whose skin is darker than his, perhaps maybe John Boehner may be the only exception….

Feel free to attend the protest at 6:30 in front of Trump’s Vegas Hotel.

Unbelievable Wealth and Misogyny: The Mormons


It’s a religion with over 14 million members, worldwide. Six million Mormons and counting live in the United States. A religion whose members are a close knit community. A very secretive religion, their rituals are unknown to outsiders. A few years ago, a friend of mine was a bridesmaid in a Mormon wedding, but being a non-Mormon, she was unable to attend the wedding ceremony. Very furtive indeed.

1913 stained glass image of founder Joseph Smith

If you’re wondering how wealthy and powerful Mitt Romney and his Mormon followers are, simply look at what they are in charge of: Clear Channel Communications, (Rush Limbaugh’s boss!) The Boston Celtics, AMC, Burger King, Jet Blue Airlines, Marriott Hotels, Dunkin Donuts, Black & Decker, Toys R Us and Dominos Pizza to name a few. Bain Capital even owns the Weather Channel, so you can bet they’ll be minimizing any commentary on global climate change. They are growing in numbers and are not concentrated exclusively in mountain states anymore.

But why are they so powerful? Here’s my take. The religion was started by Joseph Smith, who promised gold to farmers if they followed him. He conned 33 (or more) women into marrying a “prophet” such as himself. The religion, and its followers grew immensely due to plural marriage and high birth rates, obviously. The customary 10% tithing of all its members, a great deal of loyalty to its followers, vis a vis employing fellow Mormons, has helped increase its wealth. Mormonism is a uniquely American religion, embodying as it does many of the virtues of the frontier United States: self-reliance, individuality, and high expectations of morality. However, their morality often comes into question. Many folks have learned by their experience of working at LDS-owned companies, there’s often a mistreatment of non-Mormons. (Bain Capital has pending lawsuits where plaintiffs were essentially fired for not being Mormon).


Plain and simply put, they take care of their own. I don’t understand how women buy into this religion, their status being incredibly subservient to men. Women are viewed as inferiors of their husbands. (God forbid a woman doesn’t get married or is gay) The faith is a constant paradox: A woman is also instrumental in enabling her husband to achieve celestial glory and eventually godhood, where she is eternally and forever subordinate to him. The end result of this being the eternal promotion of male authority. Often this logic is turned circular upon itself. Where, a woman’s place as subordinate to a man is described as an eternal principal, divinely created, with associate promised blessings to come. Without her servitude to husband (via his powerful priesthood), HER eternal promise is not fulfilled! A woman cannot hold the priesthood and should ALWAYS defer to her husband on all family matters. The only thing a woman should be doing is having more children. It seems rather contrary to the ERA of the 1960’s, doesn’t it?

Mormonism, I believe, is more of a tradition and socioeconomic support system, not a moral code. Followers continue on with traditions because their parents (like George Romney) were church members. They will figuratively cut the throats of those who don’t believe as they do. It’s part of their endowment ceremony after all. It is DEFINITELY an issue we must bring to the forefront of this campaign. It is the primary loyalty of any self-professed Mormon, especially a bishop like Mitt Romney. If elected president, his first loyalty, you can bet, will not be to the people of the United States. It’ll be to the members of the Mormon faith. Taken from those in the know, they play dirty and are far from fair. But that’s a story for another day…..

Conservative? Spending Cash to Guard Rush Statue and Other GOP Insanities

Seriously Missouri? In Kansas City, a statue of the head of Rush Limbaugh is now guarded by a camera which cost taxpayers $1,100.00


This is a man who accuses anyone in favor of contraception coverage by insurance companies of being a slut? He gets a statue? With a security camera, no less? This is just one example of frivolous spending and the bat-shit crazy priorities of the GOP.

In a related story, we have the never ending Birther saga. Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Tea Party favorite has dispatched a team recently (to no avail) to investigate President Obama’s birth certificate. He’s obviously suffering from CRIS: Cranial Rectal Inversion Syndrome where his head is firmly implanted up his ass.

Sheriff Joe and his prized prison industry

A few other reminders of mentally deranged, wasteful spending by Conservatives:
•The Performance Enhancing Drug Trials of pitcher Roger Clemens
• The classification of pizza as a vegetable by the 112th Congress
• The insane obsession with overturning Roe V Wade. Congress has attempted to add 44 anti-abortion bills by mid 2011 and that number grows by the week. Notice there have been ZERO job bills? Seriously. It’s CRIS. No question.

How Many Reasons Do You Need to NOT Vote for Mitt Romney?


I have to give major props to a twitter great @MittRmoney and the group 140 Elect for this list. Because the most effective tools against this candidate are the facts! Here are a few gems.

•Mitt Romney left Massachusetts with a 39% approval rating and 47th out of 50 states in job creation •OneTermGovernor Mitt Romney left MA with 24% higher spending, $501 million in new “fees”, and the highest debt per capita in the country.
•Mitt Romney’s records as Governor are gone. He ordered staff to destroy computer drives after buying them for $100,000.
•Mitt Romney protested in favor of the Vietnam draft then lived in a French palace during the war.
•“One of the ways my sons are showing support for our nation is helping me get elected.” Romney on sons’ military service
•52% of Republicans believe the war in Afghanistan is not worth fighting. @MittRomney is not one of them.
•President @BarackObama leads Mitt Romney in his home state of Massachusetts by over 21%.
•Mitt Romney: “Don’t try to stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom”
•Mitt Romney: “If GM and Chrysler get the bailout, you can kiss the American automotive industry goodbye.”
•Mitt Romney in 2002: “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose, and am dedicated to honoring my word.”
•Mitt Romney on Planned Parenthood: “We’re going to get rid of that.”
•Bishop Romney once threatened to excommunicate a young single mother if she did not give her son up for adoption.
•Mitt Romney touted RomneyCare as a model for national health care reform three times in 2009.
•Romney on bin Laden: “It’s not worth moving heaven and earth, spending billions of dollars just to catch one person.”
•Mitt Romney made millions investing in companies that did business in Iran.
•Mitt Romney’s tax plan gives millionaires an average tax cut of $250,000.
•Mitt Romney’s budget plan would throw 13 million people off of food stamps.
•In 1996, Mitt Romney called the flat tax a “tax cut for fat cats.” Now Romney says “I love a flat tax.”

It’s amazing the two candidates are so close in the polls currently. There really should be no contest between a President Obama with integrity and this man with zero principles or ethics.