Romney’s Best Flip Flops: a GOP Perspective


Shouldn’t sane folks like us do everything we can to expose Mitt Romney for the spineless, unprincipled Conservative sellout he is? Yes, of course we should. The best way, in my humble opinion, is to continue to expose all his most egregious Etch a Sketch Moments.

The most notable which President Obama should capitalize on is the saving of the auto industry and how Romney wanted to kill all those jobs. Some “job creator”. In February, Romney Flipped his Position on the Auto Bailout

Even more surprising is how the GOP has had to swallow their castor oil and accept this liberal/moderate/conservative guy as their nominee. I found this impressive list compiled by a group whose mantra is “Serious Political Commentary for Serious Conservatives” Less Government is the Best Government, a Republican website. The list has 28 of Romney’s biggest flip flops, all referenced and documented.
Please examine this list carefully. It is mind-blowing how he gets away with this 180° shift on all his positions. I’m very happy to have found
Mitt Romney Flip Flops


Feel free to use these points when you’re arguing with a Republican who most likely votes against his/her own best interests.

On a side note, the thought of Romney hosting a White House Correspondents Dinner makes him absolutely unelectable!!

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