America’s Not Buying Your Lies, Mitt Romney

MSNBC Fox-Lite Anchor Alex Witt

If you’re like me and your lousy cable company doesn’t carry CurrentTV, you’re stuck on weekends watching MSNBC. After #UpWithChris and #MHP, you’re immediately bombarded with “Mitt Romney Better than Obama on the Economy” polls Alex Witt found on some damned Heritage Foundation site. I won’t even begin to express my frustration at the MSNBC Morning Joe/Daily Rundown/Jansing & Co line up. If you didn’t know any better, you’d think these anchors worked for Fox. As far as Mitt goes, his record of corporate dismemberment at Bain Capital has bankrupted thousands of Americans. Watch When Mitt Romney Came to Town As a matter of fact, Mitt has been abysmal on job creation while Governor of Massachusetts. As Massachusetts governor, Romney had an unremarkable record on jobs.

Romney has also been pretty lame on his character judgement. Nugent, a has-been rocker turned NRA spokesman was an endorsement he actually sought. Romney’s Sleazy Support of Ted Nugent Reveals His true Character. This is a great read by my friend Rmuse over at PoliticusUSA

His positions on Abortion, NRA, Gay Marriage and Universal Healthcare have literally been turned upside down. One might say he’s a yoga master of political posturing. Conservatives have basically settled for him because he was the least awful candidate, not because he represents them well. However, his malleability into anything his handlers wish him to be has rallied the base around their true mantra: Anyone but the Black Guy…Vote GOP

As far as economic comparisons, President Obama has been outstanding. His list of accomplishments is pretty damned impressive. For a full list of accomplishments see President Obama’s Accomplishments Number 244 and Growing

President Obama

For more information on Barack Obama’s 1st term as president check out Guggenheim’s ‘The Road We’ve Traveled’ film trailer released by Politico. I truly believe the media, especially Fox Daytime at MSNBC, is trying to create a real contest where there truly isn’t one. President Obama will win in a landslide. Our future and Supreme Court depends on it!

2 thoughts on “America’s Not Buying Your Lies, Mitt Romney

  1. I hope you’re right. As a Massachusetts resident, one issue with Romney that hasn’t been brought up, and it has surprised me, is that he basically walked away from his job as governor for his last year in office. He didn’t resign, he was just gone for most of the last year. I think he had started campaigning for his first presidential run. I guess his defense would be he wasn’t collecting a check, turning down his state pay. My feeling is we got what we paid for – nothing.

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