No Self-Respecting Woman Can Vote For You, Mitt Romney!

Mitt Romney & SC Gov Haley

Most women, Democratic or Republican whom I speak with agree on 1 thing at least 95% of the time: we should be able to access reliable, safe medical care and should have autonomy over our bodies. Even the GOP ladies seem to favor policies that allow them the right to choose what’s best for them sans government intervention. Because of, say a bad habit, they then vote the other way, for the Misogynist Party, the GOP. This baffles the daylights out of me.

Mitt, by putting his wife out there for everyone to see, evoked a bit of criticism regarding her privileged and pampered lifestyle. Her stay at home mom job
was a noble profession and required hard work on her part. Hard work accompanied by servants, drivers and assistants mind you. But now, Mitt has the audacity to insist that mothers of young children who are less fortunate require the dignity only found by working a real job. So his wife wasn’t dignified? This is our first issue with women and the Romney double standard.

Then there’s Nikki Haley, a possible VP pick, who claims women care little about contraception.
Yeah right. ” And as for contraception – THAT was settled before you graduated from Harvard Law School. If “faith-based” organizations receiving public money or subsidies in the form of tax breaks don’t like laws that require them to treat women equally, they are completely free to forfeit those subsidies and tax breaks and do what they please. “Faith based” organizations are not people — they don’t have any more right to decide which laws they want to obey than does any other organization. Oh, and by the way, no one asked me whether I wanted to contribute my tax dollars to illegal, immoral and unnecessary wars.”
See The Daily Kos as linked below

We won’t be fooled by Teabagging Haley any more than Palin! Give us a little credit.

Please check out Romney, Meet Our Mothers
As quoted, “Your belief that you (or anyone) have any business interfering with a woman’s decision to complete or terminate a pregnancy (a Constitutional right) is anathema to me. Frankly, I don’t give a damn about your religious principles. Please save them for church, as I do. The United States still isn’t a theocracy, and I have every bit as much of a right to my views as you do to yours; they end where my body (or the bodies of other women who disagree with you) begins.”

Imagine us women who are without God or organized religion having to live by theocratic doctrine created by men?! It’s pretty sickening for us. Don’t think for a second your economic expertise could sway us and make us forget you follow a charlatan of the likes of Joseph Smith. We know what you did with your Bain Capital. If corporations are people, my friend, then you Mitt, are a serial killer. See Bain Capital Kills Jobs


It’s simply amazing how someone from a religion that, until recently didn’t allow blacks or women to hold the priesthood is allowed to avoid all questions regarding his “Faith”. I could honestly give 2 shits what anyone believes as long as they don’t legislate to discriminate based on their faith. Hopefully this photo doesn’t offend you But Daniel knocked it out of the park with this statement.


Let’s hope the theocratic ideas of the right wing hypocrites don’t away the female population enough to elect this dangerous misogynist as president. He didn’t even know what the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act was and if he supported it. Women, let’s face facts, Romney wants you as a supporting cast in his religion and his life. Not a valued, viable member of society. He won’t apologize for being born with a silver spoon in his mouth but he should apologize to the less fortunate, poor moms who struggle everyday with cost of living increases without commensurate wage increases. Just CEO’s like you, Mitt seem to catch all the breaks.

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