Romney’s Dressage Horses Cost 7 Figures, Yet the Obamas are Elitist?


UPDATE: Ann Romney’s horse and rider qualify for Olympics…. I guess money can buy anything, even the right to compete in the Olympics.


Ann Romney & her Dressage


We hear it all the time, the “Liberal Elite”, The “Liberal Media” even his own FoxNews, all have been accused of being unkind to the Romneys. They’ve all accused Mitt and company of being out of touch with average Americans. Yet here’s a prime example of the elitism of the GOP front runner’s life being so far out of touch, I had to look up the terms affiliated with one of their hobbies.

As I read The Ann Romney Wars, I learned the horses cost seven figures, the saddles cost four figures, and are accompanied by a veterinarian, a blacksmith as well as unbelievably massive transportation costs. They even require their own personal Farrier, quite the specialized profession. Mitt and Ann have been seen in Europe purchasing these animals and have owned up to eight at one time. Yet he criticizes President Obama for occasionally playing a round of golf.

I have nothing against the fabulously wealthy. I do, however, take issue with people from this exclusive world slashing budgets on poor people. Romney showed his true privileged colors clear as day when he said he fully supports the Ryan Budget. See Ryan Budget fails the poor for more information. He said even this budget is courageous. Courageous? It’s courageous to cut funding for young poor children, the disabled and the elderly? No! It’s simply inhumane. It’s because they simply have NEVER struggled with financial problems. Ask their Farrier.
As an animal lover I hope he treats these horses well. As a person, and compassionate liberal, I feel for my fellow American human beings who are less fortunate. He seems to want them to have dignity by working. He even said this, see Welfare Recipients Need Dignity, Even New Mothers. Meanwhile, the criticism of Ann Romney of being out of touch because she’s truly never had to work outside the home caused a ridiculous uproar. She hasn’t, let’s be honest. She never has had to struggle with child-care costs and the price of gas. She’s far too unsympathetic to be MITT’S ECONOMIC ADVISOR. She simply doesn’t know.

For more on Dressage Horses click Dressage Horses

Meanwhile, today on the domestic front, Romney is out on the stump criticizing Obama for a factory that was closed under Bush, by Bain Capital, and reopened under Obama. But that’s another blog altogether.

A dressage horse


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