Obama Derangement Syndrome: an Encounter


Here’s an account of a simple encounter at a gas station. It kind of puts the opposition to our president in perspective. Not atypical of the fine human beings you may find in Las Vegas.

My mother and son went to a local gas station/car wash/convenience store. There was a large white male, heavily tatted speaking loudly on his cell phone waiting in line. When the 2 walked in, with my son wearing his Obama 2012 t-shirt, the man went ballistic. He said, “oh my god, I’m gonna be sick. This woman and her son walked in and he’s wearing a fucking Obama shirt.” Loudly, he continued, “yeah, I already ordered my Nøbama shirt.”

Obviously they weren’t about to engage this delectable creature. My son said, “wow, that’s really racist”. He came to this conclusion because he felt the man strikingly resembled a member of the Aryan Brotherhood. My mom said, “looks like someone’s watching a little too much Fox News.”. They said this in his direction and went on with their business. There’s nothing more of a colossal waste of time than trying to reason with a racist, right wing hate-monger.

From the disrespect quite apparent by the Birther Conspiracy and the pictures commonly found at a Teaparty rally (pic of Obama at Teaparty Rally) we see a level of ridicule unprecedented in this country.

I’m just glad none of the adult males in my house were present. I might be posting bail today if that were the case.

a bumper sticker one might see in this red state


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