The shiftier the character, the more Mitt seeks their attention. Ted Nugent

Why is it permissible for Mitt to actively seek the endorsement of a violently unstable gun lunatic like Ted Nugent after saying the things he’s said as of late. He’s literally threatened beheading democrats. That’s pretty damned violent. The secret service is looking into some of his insane rantings. Delusional commentators generally worry the secret service primarily because these are unstable, violent people. Ted was courting them, literally daring them to act, and act quickly. We must mobilize and go into battle to behead the democrats this fall. This sounds to me like a provocation. Almost, an act of treason. Let’s hope the secret service kicks this guy’s treasonous ass..

This is insane, the double standard displayed prominently right in front of all of us. Romney seeks the attention of an unstable violent man and is proud. A democratic pundit who works for CNN, not the Obamas, said the absolute truth, Ann Romney hasn’t worked a day in her freaking pampered life, and she gets thrown under the bus. They are masters of deception. Machiavellian in their machinations of mental gymnastics. Let’s hope the rest of the country can see this deceptive snake oil salesman panderer for who he is….a gutless, soulless sellout to the highest bidder.

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