Right Wingers: Obama Assassination is Somehow Funny??

Even before September 2009, when Joe Wilson yells “you lie” , the Obama presidency has brought an unprecedented level of disrespect the office has yet to witness previously. He has truly been the Most Disrepected President in History
But just when you think the Right can’t stoop any lower, here comes Foster Friess, frothy Santorum’s personal billionaire. You may remember him as the ‘contraception by placing a Bayer Aspirin between the “gal’s” knees’ genius. Seems also he’s referenced the heated battle yet to ensue between “Mr. Principles” Mitt Romney and President Obama, as one where he’ll need a ‘bulletproof teleprompter’. I Hope Obama’s Teleprompter is Bulletproof? WTF? All public speakers use a teleprompter. I can speak from history that I prefer this to ‘off the cuff’ delivery. See many of the remarks uttered by “The Decider”, GWB. The nation shuddered in embarrassment while he said, “Put food on your family” among other gems.
I’m quite sick of the hatred that oozes from the racist pores of the GOP & their Confederate brethren, the Teaparty. This being said, even in jest, is the final straw. These monsters must not be allowed to ruin this country once again. I don’t think it’s funny to joke about the 1st black president being assassinated by a bullet. It’s pretty damned offensive, Foster.


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