ALEC’s Insidious Master Plan

Most people aren’t aware of this gigantic legislative monstrosity that has taken over state governments. With the Teaparty victories in 2010, these laws have been enacted fairly easily with little publicity. I have copied a few of their basic tenets below to simplify what they’re really about. The mastermind of conservative, Paul Weyrich has really grown to epic proportions. See Paul Weyrich ALEC founder

The organization known as ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council is responsible for some of our nation’s most detrimental laws. For further info see

Here’s a brief synopsis of some of their goals

*Starving State Government of Revenue to Make It Dysfunctional and Despised.This past session, ALEC members introduced scores of ALEC bills to grant tax breaks to big corporations or cripple state’s ability to raise revenue, including new constitutional rules limiting state taxing powers. Simultaneously, ALEC bills attempt to turn major government programs into a profit-making enterprise.
*Transforming Government for the Public Good into “Government, Inc.” ALEC bills encompass over 20 years of effort to privatize public education through an ever-expanding school voucher system, to turn Medicare and Medicaid into voucher programs, to privatize public pension funds for the benefit of Wall Street firms, and to privatize almost all aspects of social service delivery including prisons and prison labor. Many firms in ALEC would benefit from these schemes to turn government into a for-profit operation.
*Race to the Bottom in Wages for Americans. ALEC bills would repeal state or local laws that boost workers wages such as “living wage” and prevailing wage laws. ALEC bills call a starting minimum wage an “unfunded mandate” but think that prison labor is just terrific. ALEC also supports a radical “free trade” agenda that sends U.S. manufacturing and an increasing number of service-sector jobs overseas.
*Defunding Traditional Supporters of the Democratic Party. ALEC purports to be nonpartisan, but only 1 of 104 legislators in ALEC’s leadership is a Democrat. The “ALEC Exposed” archive contains dozens of bills to defund public sector and private sector unions and to make it harder for trial lawyers to bring cases when consumers are injured or killed by dangerous products.

If you hear of a law like Stand Your Ground Which enhances the gun industry, you can believe ALEC is behind it. They are close bedfellows.

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