Romney’s Mormon Religion: A History of Flip-Flopping

Willard Romney and Family

As one who finds any organized religion unpalatable, it’s always been fascinating to me why people believe the tall tales they hold sacred. Primarily, the presumptive GOP nominee, Willard Mitt Romney proves very enigmatic as far as his beliefs are concerned. He is a member of the Mormon Church (Latter Day Saints or LDS). In fact, his family is considered LDS Royalty. I’ve already listed his numerous flip flops in my previous post, but has his religion also behaved like a serial flip-flopper as well? YES! It definitely has shape shifted to keep it from extinction. I suppose other religions are guilty of this too, but hey, let’s stick to this religion for now.
Aside from Joseph Smith’s use of sixteenth century English to write the Book of Mormon in the nineteenth century, a few other idiosyncrasies can be noted in the religion. The issue of polygamy comes to mind first and foremost. Although polygamy was outlawed in 1862 in the United States, it wasn’t until 1890 the Mormon Church declared it illegal. Brigham Young, the second president of the church, once stated: “The only men who become Gods, even the Sons of God, are those who enter into polygamy” (Journal of Discourses, vol. 11, p. 269). Of course Willard’s family fled the US when the practice was outlawed in the 19th century. See the Romney’s flee to Mexico

Brigham Young

Another practice the church supported was institutionalized racism. Romney, a bishop in the church, was 31 years old when the ban against African Americans was lifted. I certainly consider this a problem. Video: Mitt Romney’s Mormon Problem If church doctrine can be changed and has been changed, why did it take so long? Was the Mark of Cain too hard to shed for Black church members? Even Christianity in Confederate states changed their racial discriminatory practices before the LDS church.

Steve Benson, the grandson of former “prophet” (a.k.a. Head of the Mormon Church) Ezra Taft Benson has been openly critical of the faith. He is a regular contributor of He has obviously parted ways with the Mormon Church, and has been outspoken on why he chose to leave. He is a cartoonist and editorialist for the Arizona Republic. A great post which explains his rationale is Ground Zero:The Point Where I Quit Weating Garments and Stopped Paying Tithing

Steve Benson: Pulitzer Prize Winning Editorialist and Cartoonist

Mormons also believe Native Americans are direct descendants of the Lamanites. This has proven to be false and refuted by DNA evidence. These changes are seen by some critics to be another step in the evolution of the text of the Book of Mormon to delete racist language from it. (See changes to text in aforementioned Lamanites link).
I’ve also come to learn some of the sealing ceremony has been changed over the years, in the interest of becoming less, shall we say, weird. That’s another post altogether.

If the Republican Party won’t question their nominee on his very devout, religious convictions and how they will influence policy, I feel the rest of us sane folks have to do it. I urge my fellow bloggers and journalists out there to please, please open up the can of worms the GOP is trying to keep the lid on.

Jesus Christ Returns to Earth, Punches Pope in Face, Leaves Again


One of the greats on Twitter, @Wolfrum, had a fantastic observation back in 2009. Jesus would be pretty pissed at the former Hitler Youth Pope, Joseph Ratzinger. Homophobia, fostering pedophile priests, anti-condoms for poor African nations and embracing Holocaust deniers are some of his greatest hits. Please read Jesus Returns to Earth, Punches Pope in Face, Leaves Again
It’s worth a look and is still relevant 3 years later.


Romney’s Best Flip Flops: a GOP Perspective


Shouldn’t sane folks like us do everything we can to expose Mitt Romney for the spineless, unprincipled Conservative sellout he is? Yes, of course we should. The best way, in my humble opinion, is to continue to expose all his most egregious Etch a Sketch Moments.

The most notable which President Obama should capitalize on is the saving of the auto industry and how Romney wanted to kill all those jobs. Some “job creator”. In February, Romney Flipped his Position on the Auto Bailout

Even more surprising is how the GOP has had to swallow their castor oil and accept this liberal/moderate/conservative guy as their nominee. I found this impressive list compiled by a group whose mantra is “Serious Political Commentary for Serious Conservatives” Less Government is the Best Government, a Republican website. The list has 28 of Romney’s biggest flip flops, all referenced and documented.
Please examine this list carefully. It is mind-blowing how he gets away with this 180° shift on all his positions. I’m very happy to have found
Mitt Romney Flip Flops


Feel free to use these points when you’re arguing with a Republican who most likely votes against his/her own best interests.

On a side note, the thought of Romney hosting a White House Correspondents Dinner makes him absolutely unelectable!!

Why America May Just Implode

If you’d like a brief respite from the ugly world of politics, war and poverty, take a look at this.  This is the Ab-Hancer.  It is a grate you place on your abdomen and it makes a “6 pack” imprint.

The greatest thing about this ad is the photo on the right bottom.  One might think the advertiser would say, “hey guys, can we clean up the room before the photo shoot?”  Nope.  Not this quality product placer.  They said, “please make sure the room looks as if there was a brawl in there, don’t make the bed and leave all dresser drawers open.”  The choice of the red Mohawk for the “model” is also quite priceless.  In all, a total win.  What’s even more frightening, I bet they’ve sold quite a few.  Image

A Match Made in Pandering Heaven: Romney and Rubio

Marco Rubio & Willard Mitt Romney

It sure seems Romney feels Rubio is his ticket to capturing the Latino vote. Of course, selecting Rubio as a VP running mate would be pandering to Latino voter in much the same way Palin, in 2008, was used to pander to women voters. Also, Republicans who are pandering to the Tea Party movement understand that if they continue to alienate this fast-growing population, Latinos, they’re going to make it harder and harder to regain majority status and certainly regain the White House. Why is Rubio a potentially disastrous choice? The two are a match made in pandering heaven. Rubio has been proven to be an embellisher and anti-Latino.

1. Rubio mislead voters about his family history to appeal to voters – until he was caught. He claimed to be the son of Cuban EXILES, not immigrants. Watch this video: Rubio caught embellishing his story Imagine Barack Obama trying to lie about his family’s history. The coverage would be staggering.

2. He supported the Blunt Amendment which would have restricted access to contraception through employer’s insurance. Latino voters don’t need further impediments to maintaining manageable family size. Fortunately the Blunt Amendment Failed

Senator Roy Blunt (R)


3. Rubio neither supports the policy positions held by large majorities of U.S. Latinos nor shares even the most basic values and views held by Latino communities regarding the issues they care about. Rubio is a Tea Party Partisan: Rubio owes his election to fervent Tea Party support, not to a broad base of Latino and other mainstream voters. Rubio has publicly aligned himself with the Tea Party movement, despite the Tea Party’s anti-immigrant views. 91% of Latinos favor the DREAM Act. Rubio is pandering once again by endorsing a veritable DREAM Act 2.0 which would be great for the GOP, but a nightmare for immigrants and their families. Obviously, Rubio is beholden to his Tea Party masters far more than his Latino roots.

4. Rubio is a supporter of Governor Scott’s voter suppression campaign which disenfranchises poor Latino voters. We all remember the disastrous voting debacle in 2000 that brought us eight years of George W Bush. See Florida, How Quickly We Forget for more on voter I.D. laws.

This guy is bad for America and even worse for Latino-Americans. Hopefully they can see that this November.

Fla. Governor Rick Scott & Rubio

GOP War on the Post Office: Manufactured Crisis


The United States Postal Service (also known as USPS, the Post Office or U.S. Mail) is one of the few government agencies explicitly authorized by the United States Constitution. The USPS employs over 574,000 workers and operates over 218,000 vehicles. It is the 2nd largest civilian employer in the United States. It was originally the brainchild of Benjamin Franklin during the Second Constitutional Congress in 1775. It became a cabinet level post in 1792 under The Postal Reorganization Act. Apparently, the Republicans don’t care about this Constitutionally mandated institution because they’re doing anything they can to cripple the USPS. 2011 saw massive closings of postal facilities, thereby laying off thousands of workers. But naturally, it’s President Obama’s fault when folks lose their jobs, right?

US Postal Worker

Not only will 8 million jobs be affected, imagine the cost to ship every single print magazine, newspaper, bulk mailing and prescription medication doubling in price as private mail service is so much more expensive. What’s next? Privatizing the military? Oh yeah, that’s happened to some degree. See Xe or Halliburton.
The GOP wants to destroy any industry, any industry where workers are unionized. Simply look at Ohio Governor John Kasich, Anti-Union Governor of Ohio and his efforts to quash collective bargaining rights.

Republicans are essentially demanding the The Post Office Fund 75 Years of Pensions and Healthcare Over a 10 Year Window. It’s downright impossible.
The assault came from the GOP members of Congress, in an effort to privatize mail delivery. See 3 Lies at the Heart of the Republican Effort to Close the Post Office They fail to mention how many thousands of small towns will be without mail service, but when have the Republicans ever legislated in favor of anyone but big corporations?